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  1. joydeep.bkp

    joydeep.bkp New Member

    In our country, on lg optimus one (p 500) box it is written that it supports adobe flash 10.1..but adobe says there is no flash for arm6 processors.how can lg print on it's box the false statement.lg has to find any solution to play flash content on browser..plz those who have optimus one complain to lg site for lack of flash 10.1.so that they try to find solution for there customers.we have to make our own way.thank you.

  2. B81

    B81 Active Member

    I just wanted to open a similar thread...

    I knew it doesnt play flash, but thought I dont need it. Well, I dont, but now, browsing through news, it would be nice to see a video sometimes...

    However, Skyfire beta browser should play flash (Ihavent tryid it).
  3. joydeep.bkp

    joydeep.bkp New Member

    Skyfire can play only flash video..bt flash is nt only for videos
    .many web page can be viewed only with flash support..animation adds cant b played by skyfire...even we cant see optimus one presentation of lg site with this phn..
  4. alehel

    alehel Member

    Apparently, although I'm unable to find a link for this, the box for the LG P500 was designed before Adobe announced the 1Ghz requirement. Apparently they never got round to pulling the packaging. Here in Norway there is no mention of flash on the box, but I have seen pictures of the Indian packaging which clearly states Flash 10.1
  5. joydeep.bkp

    joydeep.bkp New Member

    atleast they can arrange flash lite on their next upgrade..they mislead a large no of customer ..
  6. clawsright

    clawsright Member

  7. ollythegamer

    ollythegamer Member

    doesn't work on mine
  8. Vyk70r

    Vyk70r Well-Known Member

    there are 2 .apk on that site, the first is installing Ok but when i open the browser it's crashes (i will try with skyfire later) and the second the one with the "2.1 for install crash" in the name does nothing.
  9. chikadora

    chikadora New Member

    my browser crashes also so i decided to uninstall the flash that i've downloaded from hotfile
  10. Vyk70r

    Vyk70r Well-Known Member

    hi. there are some videos that if you right click on them (on websites) it's shows that it's flash video. if you go to that video on phone you can play it!
    how come?

    here it's a site:
    RObotzi | CreativeMonkeyz

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