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  1. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    If your idle phone is eating up battery, try this.

    Install CPU Spy from market. Open it. The menu button will let you reset your stats or refresh the display. You may need to tap the menu button and choose "refresh" if you just woke your phone with the app open.

    I haven't used my phone much since I pulled it off the charger this morning and it reports it's been deep sleeping for 86% of the time. Deep sleep is where you'll get the best idle battery life.

    If you're not getting deep sleep, with certain custom roms (like CM7) here's what you can do:

    • Install spare parts+ (or the non-plus version) from the Market.
    • After a period of inactivity and no deep sleep, open the app and tap Battery history. If you get an error, your rom doesn't yet support this feature. The author hopes to fix it soon. I know it doesn't work with my stock, but rooted DX.
    • Change "other usage" to "partial wake usage".
    • Change "since last unplugged" to whatever you want, I use "Total since boot".
    • See what's keeping your device awake. I use this on my Nook Color tablet, which has no dialer installed so when I saw dialer and camera there, I froze them in Titanium backup and saw my deep sleep time climb from 60% to 85%.

    Spare parts isn't working?

    • Install Watchdog from Market and see what's abusing your battery.
    • I don't recommend using aggressive settings tho. If something is using a lot of cpu, it'll let you know.
    • Once I had email using a lot of cpu, but after rebooting it quieted down.
    • If you have an app using cpu that you don't use, consider uninstalling it or freezing it with Titanium.

  2. wolfshalabh

    wolfshalabh Member

    I tried this and according to my phone the "Android System" is using basically 100% of the partial wake lock. And according to CPU spy my phone never goes into deep sleep.

    Do you have any suggestions?
  3. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    I read your other post. What phone are you running? It's not the DroidX with Gingerbread, since that doesn't work with spare parts.
  4. wolfshalabh

    wolfshalabh Member

    I have the motorola triumph running 2.2

    I messed around with some of the settings but Im still not quite sure what exactly is causing my android to run at 100% without deep sleep.

    I used to only loose about 5% battery overnight when I wasnt touching the phone, but now I loose about 20% :(

    edit: also my phone is not rooted and i used to have all the settings on with no problems before... something recently has started drainging the battery and its not apps because ive tried closing all apps and even still android system uses 100%
  5. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    Your best bet would be to post in the proper forum.

    A factory reset might fix your problems. You'll have to reinstall some apps, but paid apps would still be available in Market and probably will auto install.
  6. wolfshalabh

    wolfshalabh Member

    Thanks ill try that as my last resort though haha.

    And sorry, Im new to this whole forum thing so i wasnt sure where to post this lol.

    I think i may just try rooting the phone and download setCPU
  7. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

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