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found a live wallpaper that worksTips

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  1. gemmydn

    gemmydn Well-Known Member

    I was trying to find a wallpaper for my kindle and all they had were screensavers that really didn't work. I tried again in the amazon market and put in wallpapers. In the search I found one called sunset1 once you download it, touch your screen until the box comes up for putting application icons on the screen click and put it on your home screen. Then can click on it and pick a live wallpaper not many and some don't fit the screen but oh well. Also I did this using Go Launcher ex as the launcher I don't know if you can add it to the amazon home screen.:eek:

  2. gemmydn

    gemmydn Well-Known Member

    Well I guess I jumped the gun,the live wallpaper works but when your kindle go's to sleep when you wake it up it is back to the kindle wallpaper oh well,

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