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  1. bala_radu

    bala_radu Member

    After the last firmware update the sound was pretty low,so i wanted to increase the volume... tried the volume hack but it did not increase the headphone volume,only the handset volume..... this is kinda a hardware fix...

    Do this at your own risk

    first close musi app:)
    then open dailer an type :

    this will open service mode:D

    here click [8] audio
    then click [2] headset
    then click [2] rx value
    then click [5] rx codec for midi
    then click [1] rx codec gain:

    then pres menu key, key input,and type in 5fff , this increases the gain to about 4db,wich is in my opinion the best option
    after u inputed the value pres menu key and select end.

    no restart needed,just open music player and press play and you will see the differences
    I was about to sell my i7500 because of lack of headphone volume but now im happy...
    i think this will work with i5700 and moment,haven;t tried it though!
    Sorry bout my english!
    GO Romania:)

  2. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    whats that default value if you need to return back.
    thaink im gonna create a nandroid backup now :p
    i hope this works

    you should post this to DRakaz on his website if it works as he could implement it into his fix

    i cannot access service mode with the command you listed

    EDIT 2: i think drakaz must have removed the services menu
  3. bala_radu

    bala_radu Member

    my galaxy enters only with this comand *#197328640#... try it again,or try this one
    *#6984125*# , this takes you in the same menu but in another submenu...
    press menu key and then select back a couple of times

    Ps i have a rooted version of jc6
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  4. Bomberman

    Bomberman Well-Known Member

    Is there a similar hack to lower the speaker volume across the board? Would be handy to sort out my Galaxo (and a fair few others :))
  5. bala_radu

    bala_radu Member

    u want to lower? the procedure should be the same as the one above but u enter in the handset menu and follow the exact procedure... haven't tried it yet,but i also have a loud volume in the loudspeaker,will tweek it right now
  6. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    still doesnt work, i think Drakaz removed services menu from galax0
  7. maia58

    maia58 New Member

    Thanks bala_radu.

    The value on 7fff and now i can use the Galaxy outdoors.
    Anyone try the other options? i think we can do more customizations!

    Thanks again.
  8. angeamon

    angeamon Well-Known Member

    tried the command. . . Was also able to update the value of "rx codec gain".
    But really didnt notice a great deal of improvement in the headset volume. . .

    Is there any value i can try to increase the volume further ??

    Btw, does this hack also affect the "in call volume" on the headset ??

    Does this hack remain effective after rebooting the phone or does it need to be done again once the phone is rebooted ???
  9. angeamon

    angeamon Well-Known Member

    i was thinking of applying just another random value say "7fff". how do i calculate the gain i get by applying this value ??:confused::confused:
  10. imad

    imad Active Member

    thanx for the info, I think 5fff is more than enough already:D

    default values for those who want to roll back.
  11. wizzent

    wizzent Member

    hi, i'm running JC6 and i've just did the volume trick, trying different thresholds. Currently i'm going to test new settings... and volume is much more louder compared to default ones!

    Currently trying with FFFF, 12 dB level.

    Here you can find a short conversion table (i hope it's accurate since decibel are following logaritmic scale) starting from percentage, then converting percentage to integer, then integer to hexadecimal and finally decibel.
    Use it at your own risk...

    % INT HEX dB
    0 0 0 -84
    25 8192 1FFF -6
    50 16384 3FFF 0
    75 24575 5FFF 4 (tested)
    100 32767 7FFF 6 (tested)
    125 40960 9FFF 8
    150 49152 BFFF 10
    175 57343 DFFF 11
    200 65535 FFFF 12 (tested)

    i'm guessing if the same could be applied to telephone call headset volume (which is quite low in the default JC6) via RX Codec volume parameters (service mode list 6 different settings)
  12. Snazzy

    Snazzy Well-Known Member

  13. drakaz

    drakaz Member

    Will implement this hack in galaxo, thanks bala_radu.

    Anyone can give me the few logcat line after entering the ril code please ? (to get the intent).

    Edit : got it.
  14. bala_radu

    bala_radu Member

    hey, i dont know what tx values are.... and from what i saw there is an ec there,i playd around a little but with no succes! if someone finds a succesul config,please post it. 4db is the max before it starts ditorting,but yes,it;s still low
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  15. EDevil

    EDevil New Member

    These are useful to know.
  16. wizzent

    wizzent Member

    the new volume settings should be still there after rebooting the phone.

    (i'm using new headset thersholds both for music and in call volumes)
  17. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    drakaz has updated the thread on his forum with a extracted apk's to implement this workaround


    Bigup the Romanian massivefor finding this workaround for the most upsetting issue for 1.6
  18. Bomberman

    Bomberman Well-Known Member

    Where's the .apk?
  19. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    in the zip hes linked, look on the thread!!
  20. angeamon

    angeamon Well-Known Member

    i too tested it . . .the settings seems to stay on even after a reboot !!

    however, i really didnt find any difference this setting made to the incall volume of the headset . .
    did u try something else to increase the incall volume for the headset ??
  21. wizzent

    wizzent Member

    well... about music player i have to say i have noted improvements as soon as i have modified the thresholds, while i'm still "playing" for in call volume settings in order to find a good one. shortly i will be driving home and i will make a couple of call with my headsets on, hope to give better feedback soon.
  22. angeamon

    angeamon Well-Known Member


    I too have made a few tweaks to the handset "tx gain" and other settings . .

    i too ll try and test these settings changes . .

    lets hope that some setting will improve the incall volume in the headset :)
  23. wizzent

    wizzent Member

    i think my new in call volume settings are better compared to the default one (i am now using FFFF / 12 dB).
    i was able to make a couple of phone calls while driving without listening issues (only a small distortion when volume is at max)

    in any case, i think the right parameters to touch are those under "rx gain" menu instead of "tx gain".
  24. angeamon

    angeamon Well-Known Member

    Hey wizzent, did u change the rx gain value of handset or headset?
    Am a bit confused?
  25. wizzent

    wizzent Member

    i did change the headsets rx parameters... :)

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