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[Free Game] Stumpd 3D

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  1. androidPlayup

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    Jan 5, 2012
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    Sorry for cross posting, one of the good moderators have suggested to post an announcement here for more chances of getting noticed.

    I am hoping to get reviews or feedback which can help me make the next update of the game Stumpd more enjoyable.

    Stumpd - App market link


    Stumpd is a fun, casual game with good 3D graphics and realistic physics. It comes with 4 levels with increasing difficulty where the goal is to try and hit the stumps compensating for 'spin' of the ball flicked.


    It is similar to paper toss, but has ball-spin as opposed to Wind strength. The scoring mechanism is similar. Best score is the maximum hits in a row.

    The latest release v1.3 features Openfeint leaderboards


    Looking for your comments, feedback and suggestions

    Game Development Lead,
    PlayUp India


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