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  1. gvillager

    gvillager Well-Known Member

    I was planning on canceling my 4G aircard line and using the MHS on my TB. My problem is that it rarely stays connected for longer than a few minutes. After a bit I'll lose the 4G icon on my phone, the MHS will say it's not ready, a few seconds later the 4G icon will reappear and the MHS is ready again, few seconds later the 4G icon will disappear and the process starts all over.

    The 4G coverage here is great, I normally get fantastic speeds and the 4G icon never disappears when I'm not using MHS. Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions?

  2. dcpmark

    dcpmark Active Member

    It happens all the time for me every day that I use the MHS. It's gotten worse as time goes by. I haven't tried replacing the phone yet, but I've tried everything else.
  3. dmc27

    dmc27 Member

    Same here. I even notice similar connectivity drops over time using PDAnet and EasyTether. Wish there were a definitive fix.

    When I was previously rooted, I used the Open Garden WiFi app. I didn't fully put it to the test, but I don't recall having that many issues. I may have to root again, just to use a feature that I pay for.
  4. gvillager

    gvillager Well-Known Member

    I too have tried everything and after doing a little google searching I've found other people experiencing the exact same issue. I've just ordered the Rezound which I should receive either today or tomorrow. I'll be happy if it resolves my issue, if not it's going back and I'll find another solution to my problem (even if it means taking my business to another carrier). I'm tired of dealing with tech support.
  5. seVer

    seVer Well-Known Member

    same problem, and most often with torrent programs... I tested with a couple friend's TBolts and duplicated the issue. Verizon tech created a product issue report for the problem.

    It's been a problem for some months. Since the latest update, I can't even tether my phone- Win 7 says the device has malfunctioned. Verizon tech also created a report for this too.

    hopefully the next update from HTC will address this. I've tested the Razr and have had no issues. I might make the jump.
  6. gvillager

    gvillager Well-Known Member

    Yesterday I received my Rezound. Since then I've used the MHS for about 7 hours with only 3 disconnects. I'm satisfied with it's performance so I guess I'll keep it. Loved my TB and it served me well with the MHS being the only exception. Time to move on...
  7. dcpmark

    dcpmark Active Member

    It shouldn't disconnect at all.

    The first week I got my TB, I was using it every work day for 8 hours at my office. The first week it never disconnected, then on Friday it started doing the 4g dropout and cycling. It was fine on Monday, then I went months without a disconnect. In the last couple of months it started happening again in the middle of the day, and it's getting worse. I've heard theories that it's a heat issue, which makes sense since it seems to happen after using it a while AND during heavy loads. For me it's YouTube streaming that seems to trip it up.

    It doesn't sound like the Rezound is any better.
  8. arche3

    arche3 Well-Known Member

    I've used the hot spot since day one on my tb. It never disconnects. I can be on for 8 hours. In nyc.
  9. CharlzO

    CharlzO Well-Known Member

    Seems to be one of those issues that some have, some don't. I've used mine just fine before, and the only time I ever had any DCs was (admittedly months ago), when switching from 3G to 4G markets while driving. But when stationary in either, I can use it nonstop as well, no issues, no time-outs, no drops. But I've heard others who have, and sadly, I can't think of anything aside from just double-checking that the timing-out setting hasn't reverted or anything.
  10. untitled1

    untitled1 Well-Known Member

    This issue is driving me nuts. I just received and activated a new Bolt precisley to fix this problem, but the new phone has exactly the same behavior. My 4G performance here in Chicago is outstanding until I turn on the hotspot, and then I can't get better than 15 minutes before it craps out.

    I got my Bolt in July and the hotspot worked great until September. Now it's worthless.
  11. PDubs

    PDubs Member

    This feature was a selling point of the phone. It used to work okay in May/June, but couldn't maintain a connection in a strong 3G area for > 10 mins. After the free period was done, I never furthered it. Spotty at best with seemingly no OTA improvements.
  12. gvillager

    gvillager Well-Known Member

    Here's an update for what it's worth.

    I spend 70% of my time in either NYC or a suburb of Philadelphia. Most other times I'm usually somewhere between Boston and Miami. The past week or so I've had the opportunity to test the MHS in various places and I've only had problems with disconnects at one place in suburban Philadelphia, but that just happens to be where I use the MHS the most. So for me it may just be a localized network issue.
  13. Dark Jedi

    Dark Jedi Guest

    Under settings for mhs there is an option to keep connection always on. So just thought I bring it up. I use wireless tether and I have drops but its due to I live in a poor signal area. But has gotten a little better over time.
  14. untitled1

    untitled1 Well-Known Member

    That was one of the things Verizon asked me to check, but I'd already selected it.

    I tried a hard reset before I even called them. I also tried turning 4G off. Nothing worked. They tried doing some network stuff on their end, and when it still didn't work, they offered to replace the phone.

    The replacement phone behaves exactly like the original.

    I take it no one who has been down this road has found a recipe to fix the problem?
  15. dmc27

    dmc27 Member

    The only workaround that I'm aware of is to root the phone and run a third-party tethering app. I use Open Garden. I'd prefer not to do this, but the MHS app is just plain broken.
  16. snsjets

    snsjets Well-Known Member

    MHS is a POS for me too. I use it for iPads and a netbook. I travel a lot and the random disconnects/drops/stalls happen just about anywhere I go. This is very frustrating! Cycling mobile network usually fixes it for a while but this issue is ridiculous, especially for those of that pay for it! I went as far as replacing the SIM card but have had no improvement.
    I've noticed a few folks over at the Rezound forum with the same deal.
  17. Dobieg

    Dobieg Well-Known Member

    When connected to my iPod touch I have no problems. But when I attempt to use MHS w/ my PC it cuts out after about 15 mins of use. Argh. Was hoping to ditch my home internet connection altogether, but guess not. :(
  18. SecondShot

    SecondShot Well-Known Member

    Couple of quick thoughts:

    I am rooted and use Barnacle for wifi tether. I also use a program called "Y5" to manage my wifi switch. It automatilcally connects me to a "known" and approved wifi network (think home and office) and shuts off 4g. I did this to save battery and it works very well. Problem is that if you don't turn it off (Y5), it is always messing with the wifi and data switches. So the result is that it continually boots you out of switching on wifi constantly.

    As soon as I turn off that program and manually switch off Wifi, tether works perfectly with no drops. In fact, I am on it right now. Anyway, all devices are different as we all know, but maybe this insight will help someone.

  19. dcpmark

    dcpmark Active Member

    Thanks, but it's not a problem with the wifi connection between the Bolt and the device. That never disconnects. It's the data connection itself on the Bolt that cycles on and off while using the MHS feature.

    I also replaced my SIM card, but that didn't help. I'm either going to try a replacement, or if that doesn't work, grin and bear it until a satisfactory replacement phone comes around. I'm not a Moto fan, and it sounds like the Rezound has the same problems, so I might wait for the iPhone 5 to change phones. Or perhaps ICS will solve these problems, but I'm not holding my breath.
  20. snsjets

    snsjets Well-Known Member

    FWIW, the VZW tech I called today to complain about this issue said there is a software update in the works. He said it is a known issue and expect an OTA. We shall see...oh and...GB is almost out for the TB!:rolleyes:
  21. untitled1

    untitled1 Well-Known Member

    Got the software update, but there's nothing in the list of promised changes about the mobile hotspot problem. I'll test tonight and report back if there's any improvement.
  22. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    OTA update announcements generally do not list all the issues the device has currently (for some reason VZW and HTC don't like to put all those out in the public :p)
  23. untitled1

    untitled1 Well-Known Member

    Well I can report that the update made no difference whatsoever. After about 15 minutes of using the hotspot, my 4G connection goes away. Turn off the hotspot, and 4G returns instantly.
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