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  1. jczr2

    jczr2 New Member


    My son has the Sprint Conquer 4g. we wanted to use his phone to video chat to family. when trying to test it by starting a call to my gmail (on my laptop) the front camera on the phone is black with a lock icon on it. If I flip it to the rear camera, the rear one works but is pointless for what I am trying to use it for.

    I did search the internet and this forum for this issue and I didnt find anyone else with it. It does work when I do a google call to my wife's galaxy s2.

    Should it work with gmail on a laptop?

    Thanks in advance

  2. jczr2

    jczr2 New Member

    I also tried a few other video chat apps, and all do the same. In the regular camera app the front camera works, but nothing else. Any help?
  3. popasmurfn23

    popasmurfn23 Member

    well for the qik app the video chat app it comes with is as follows

    Mobile to PC video chat is not an available feature yet. Currently, Qik only supports mobile to mobile chat. We are aware of the demand for this feature and appreciate your patience while our developers continue to research the possibility. We are still researching on the possibility of providing our users with the option.

    now I found this about yahoo messenger;

    the Yahoo Messenger for Andriod with the Yahoo add on will do video from an Android phone to a PC that is also running Yahoo Messenger. It works ok, but each person has to remember to run the app before making a call.

    phone plugin video link;

    phone messenger app link;

    With Qik, I believe anyone you call will get an alert (just no PC client...yet). In other news, Skype for Android now does calling over 3G and 4G. Maybe video chat is coming?

    try tango video or skype.

    as for Google talk;

    enabling the Video chat enhancements lab in Gmail is a viable workaround to the issue. You can enable this by going to Gmail Settings and clicking on the Labs tab.enable it on both acoounts by signing in on each account through a desktop PC.

    If after that doesnt work then on the phone go to settings >applications>Manage applications.then clear data first and then uninstall gtalk from your mobile phone. now restart your phone. now reinstall gtalk on your mobile phone and sign in.

    If after that doesnt work then on the phone go to settings >applications>Manage applications, then go to ALL tab and clear data on Google services framework and Google partner setup


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