FXCamera or Camera ZOOM FX ???

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  1. magnus

    magnus Well-Known Member

    Interesting idea.......but how do you use a tripod with the DROID...or do you balance it?...doesn't look like it would

  2. Okay, you guys sold me on trying out Camera ZOOM FX. Just finished downloading. I don't think they make tripods for phones... I'd suggest propping it up in one of those little bitty chair thingies that are made to set phones in. Off to play with my new program - give you guys and update later.
  3. Matt_S

    Matt_S Member

    thanks for all the tips guys - app turned out great - definitely the best camera i've tried on droid

    would like more fx though
  4. treesurfer78

    treesurfer78 Member

    Why the chuffing hell can I not find Camera Zoom FX on marketplace for me G2 Touch? Anybody know? Chuffing stupid pile of poo...
  5. SteveJones

    SteveJones Well-Known Member

    works for me - i know google had some issues on market recently but they say they are fixed now
  6. MisterMixelpix

    MisterMixelpix Well-Known Member

    So... this or Vignette?
  7. SteveJones

    SteveJones Well-Known Member

    close ... but camera zoom fx still wins out for me
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  8. Blindfutur3

    Blindfutur3 Member

    Vignette. Feel like a better polished, more robust application.
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  9. SteveJones

    SteveJones Well-Known Member

    each to their own i guess - they are both good apps
  10. MisterMixelpix

    MisterMixelpix Well-Known Member

    Since it's 1-1 I can't really decide, but the input from both of you is definitely appreciated LOL.
  11. othgar

    othgar Well-Known Member

    What is the difference between this app and PicSay Pro? It looks like they basically do the same thing, the only difference being when you actually apply the effects. Does ZoomFX actually enhance the quality of the picture over the normal camera?
  12. Bluesman2008

    Bluesman2008 Well-Known Member

    I like Camera Zoom FX BUT it refuses to play nice with another camera app I came across called Slide Camera Zoom. If I try installed them together, Camera Zoom FX actually uninstalls Slide Camera Zoom so I can't use them both. What a bummer. I've never seen software do that. Not only will Camera Zoom Fx uninstall Slide Camera, but it will replace it's icon with Camera Zoom FX's icon. Verrrrry strange. I'm going to cc the dev on this one. Maybe they can figure out why this is happening. I even happens when I put the two icons on different pages.
  13. DCRocks

    DCRocks New Member

    I really love vignette, and also have cameraFX installed as well.

    Think I will install Camera ZOOM FX and give it a try.

    Heck, for $4.36 (US), cant go wrong given the features it has.

    My only question is this:

    Is the ZOOM really a ZOOM? Or is it simply a crop of the original image?

    I have been unable to determine how the zoom works in any app, so I was hoping the camera ZOOM FX dev would shed some light on this for me.

    EDIT: so, just purchased Camera ZOOm FX. WOW! Talk about a LOT of options!

    Phone: Samsung Moment, android 2.1
  14. lilsaphyre

    lilsaphyre Well-Known Member

  15. SteveJones

    SteveJones Well-Known Member

    Yes I tried that too - seems to do some of the camera zoom fx stuff, with scenes, etc. but I find the camera zoom addon packs work better.

    also found the interface very tricky to get the hang of. once you get used to a ui, its hard to change i guess, and camera zoom's works very well for me.
  16. MisterMixelpix

    MisterMixelpix Well-Known Member

    Camera Zoom FX + Camera 360 + PicSay Pro = IMAGE POWERHOUSE.
  17. Jayziac

    Jayziac Well-Known Member

    I can't find any camera app that supports 5MP on my Acer Liquid. I find it hard to believe apps have to specifically detect a phone in order to have this feature. There are more and more Android phones coming onto the market over time and it'd be a lot easier to just allow setting of 3, 5, 8, or 10 MP and just have the app give an error msg if it doesn't actually support it than having the selection missing. Right now Camera Zoom FX just has small, medium, large (3 MP), which is way too simplistic.
  18. marklaing

    marklaing New Member

    Downloaded Camera Zoom Fx last week - it's a terrific little app. Makes the Droid camera usable. Pix are sharp, color is great and I'm loving it. My only quibble is how is saves the pix - I can't quite figure out where or how to keep them somewhere where they will be easier to find since when you put them in the default gallery they are stored in the past pix instead of most recent so you have to scroll through them all to view the most recent? Maybe user error ;) . All in all a fantastic buy, well done chaps. Great software.
  19. SteveJones

    SteveJones Well-Known Member

    got to agree with mark. zoom fx has long been my camera of choice for android.

    more options to shake a stick at and very fast to use.

    my pics are in camerazoom folder but i think it can be changed. mail the devs though - they have always responded when i have mailed them.
  20. Krabapell

    Krabapell Member

    +1 for Vignette. Small footprint also.
  21. Dr Gonzo

    Dr Gonzo Member

    +1 for Vignette. Great settings, great pics...more than just a toy imo.
  22. Matt_S

    Matt_S Member

    imo camerazoom is by far the more polished of the camera apps.

    loving the ui and unique features like sound activation, 1-click facebook / twitter upload and a ton of free skinpacks to download - def now my camera app of choice.

    now that i have played with this app for a while, i would strongly recommend to others
  23. androidfanboi

    androidfanboi Member

    discovered this app for evo - works great for enabling volume buttons to control zoom

    would like a few more effects - but the other features more than make up for it :)
  24. SteveJones

    SteveJones Well-Known Member

    Liking the new interface for this - gives much more info onscreen before taking pictures. One question though - does anyone know if there is a panaromic option for this as I haven't found one yet - maybe I missed it?
  25. phantomanboy

    phantomanboy New Member

    So far i'm really enjoying Camera Zoom...however, i have a question out there for anyone who would be so kind to answer it. Is there any way to edit a picture i have already saved into my gallery with the same effects as what can be applied in the preview screen? if not, is there any hope of ever making that an option? because i love the effects, i just want to be able to go back later and edit the photos i've already taken. sometimes i just don't have time to edit them on the spot.

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