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  1. Burus

    Burus Member

    Simply put, from your experience of the G1, and your knowledge of the HTC Hero, which should I get?

    Hero has Extended battery life, less weight, multi touch

    G1 has a full slide out qwerty keyboard

    I'd like to get in the deep end of applications and development, but I wonder if the HTC is fine for this? Consider this as an extra question, I'd like the overall experience to be good rather than just from a developer's point of view.


  2. G8D

    G8D Well-Known Member

    HTC Hero has Sense UI (which is sexy), is nicer looking than the older HTC and has the helpful little trackball.
  3. Burus

    Burus Member

    Fair enough, I just hope the lack of a slide out keypad isn't much of a disadvantage to all the other pro's. Plus I hear the G1's battery life is shocking.

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