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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by HCSC, Oct 18, 2008.

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    May 19, 2008
    Europe (Croatia)
    What I finds on the one another forum. The list of shortcuts for the T-mobile G1 device:

    Switch between applications / quick launch:
    Browser SEARCH + b
    Contacts SEARCH + c
    E-Mail SEARCH + e
    Google Mail SEARCH + g
    Calendar SEARCH + l
    Maps SEARCH + m
    Music SEARCH + p
    Messaging SEARCH + s
    YouTube SEARCH + y

    Navigation within lists
    Page down SPACEBAR
    Page up SHIFT + SPACEBAR
    Jump to end of list ALT + TRACKBALL roll DOWN
    Jump to top of list ALT + TRACKBALL roll UP

    Typing and text navigation tips:
    Insert special character ALT + SPACEBAR opens special character selector
    Delete character to left DEL
    Delete character to right SHIFT + DEL
    Delete entire line ALT + DEL
    Persistent CAPS Press SHIFT twice; press SHIFT again to escape
    Jump cursor to beginning/end of line ALT + roll TRACKBALL left/right
    Create tab character ALT + q
    Highlight (select) text SHIFT + roll TRACKBALL
    Cut text MENU + x, or Highlight text, press & hold TRACKBALL, select Cut
    Copy text to clipboard MENU + c, or Highlight text, press & hold
    TRACKBALL, select Copy
    Paste text copied to clipboard MENU + v, or Highlight text, press & hold
    TRACKBALL, select Paste
    Undo change MENU + z
    Select all text in field MENU + a, or Highlight text, press & hold
    TRACKBALL, select Select all

    Browser shortcuts
    Open Go to window MENU + s
    Open Bookmarks MENU + b
    Open Windows MENU + w
    View history MENU + h
    Refresh or stop page MENU + r
    Go back a page MENU + j
    Go forward a page MENU + k
    Find on page MENU + f
    Go to home page MENU + ENTER
    Zoom in MENU + i
    Zoom out MENU + o
    Go to Settings MENU + p
    Page down SPACEBAR
    Page up SHIFT + SPACEBAR

    Map shortcuts
    Directions MENU + d
    Select map mode MENU + m
    History MENU + h
    My Location MENU + 0 (zero)
    Go to Settings MENU + p
    Zoom in MENU + i
    Zoom out MENU + o

    I don't know it all work.
    if somebody try, tell us


  2. OrganizedFellow

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    Aug 18, 2008
    What is the source of this list?
  3. HCSC

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    May 19, 2008
    Europe (Croatia)
    I saw this on one another forum. One member put this who working in T-mobile in UK.
  4. HCSC

    HCSC Well-Known Member

    May 19, 2008
    Europe (Croatia)
    Ok, now when you have G1 if someone tried this shortcuts.

    N3TWORK BURN3R Well-Known Member

    Sep 24, 2008
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    Long Beach, CA
    Nice list! Ive been trying most of em, they seem to work.
  6. krstofer

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    Oct 24, 2008
    Thank you SOOOOO much for this list. I have been trying to figure out the shortcuts for a few days now.

    Now I can really start being productive. haha
  7. In Gmail:
    F - Forward (while viewing message)
    R - Reply (while viewing message)
    A - Reply All (while viewing message)
    Y - Archive (while viewing message or from list)
  8. HCSC

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    May 19, 2008
    Europe (Croatia)
    again I find some Tips and Tricks.

    1.Holding the home button brings up your 6 most recent apps.

    2.To activate the magnify glass on the browser click the trackball twice.

    3.To make ringtones, alerts, and notifications make a folder inside your memory card each one containing there own name such as "ringtones" "alarms" "notifications"

    4.Turning off the GPS saves battery life to do so go to Menu, Settings, Security and Location.

    5.To rename a folder on the homescreen click and hold the dock at the top of the folders name.

    6.When you want to change a setting just about anywhere on the phone hit menu, it'll give you options.

    7.Long press the phone key for voice dial.

    8.In browser, and also in pic gallery-
    when the zoom + - shows up- you can hold the + down and it will smoothly keep panning in.

    9.To Cut, press Menu and x.
    To Copy, press Menu and c
    To Paste, press Menu andv

    10. Switch phone orientation to landscape:
    In web browser, go to menu>more>flip orientation. This will change the phone orientation to landscape so that you don't have to open the screen to get it to flip.

    11. Clear your Cache!

    If you've been using streetview or the browser alot, the cache can quickly get big. I've only had the phone for two days and got 20MB back by clearing the cache on these two.

    Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Browser > Clear Data
    Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Streetview > Clear Data

    13. Saving pictures from the web:
    Press and hold the image for 3 seconds, a selection will pop-up either to save image or view image. It may contain more selections if the image contains a link.

    14. In the browser, hold down ALT key and roll trakball for fast scrolling.( Or press space bar for a fast scroll down)

    15. To forward picture and text messages: Press and hold the message.

    16. Use AnyCut (Application in Android Market) to put important contacts on your desktop, I usually use the text one because it's also useful if you want to call them, just pull up the text screen then hold your finger on their phone number and you can view contact and call them from there, of course you can use AnyCut to make it go straight to their contact info, but I usually am texting people so that's why I used text.

    17. -in browser, long press trackball/pearl on image to bring up "save image/view image"
    -in browser, long press trackball/pearl over url to bring up "open/open in new window/bookmark link/save link/share link/copy link url"
    -in browser, press menu to bring up browser menu (go to url/search/bookmarks/...etc); long-press menu to temporarily flash the shortcuts

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