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  1. fray

    fray New Member

    I have massive battery issues, and i need urgent help please
    here are the problems;
    Charges VERY slowly (8 hours to reach 40%)
    Drains very quickly! ( i do have juice defender + low brightness etc)
    The higher it charges, the slower its charging gets.

    Here is what has happened.
    My phone has been soft bricked coz i was getting used to flashing new ROMS.
    both times, i have used USB Jig to get it out of soft-bricked state.
    could this be the issue? (issue started after i got phone out of soft bricked state first time)
    can i fix this battery issue somehow?
    Cleaning battery stat bin will help? (note i cant get it to charge fully)
    Is getting a new battery the solution or will it be same? (i have taken out battery and recharged, no change.)
    im using a stock rom atm 2.3.6


  2. rayhipkiss

    rayhipkiss Well-Known Member

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