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  1. bgroenks96

    bgroenks96 New Member

    Is there ANY WAY at all to disable this?

    I've determined at this point that it is OS enforced, as Camera ZOOM FX couldn't disable it.

    But is there any workaround (that doesn't involve rooting) that would tell the phone to just shut up?

    I've tried turning all of the volume settings down to 0% and silent mode. The shutter sound still plays in both Camera FX and the out-of-the-box camera app.

    Any suggestions?

    N.B. Again... I really would prefer not to root my phone. I bought a warranty so...

  2. regression

    regression Well-Known Member

    You can install this app to take a picture with no sound.

    Uva Silent Widget Camera Free

    However, the resolution is pretty low. If you want to use the stock camera with no sound, you have to root.

    Try just holding your finger over the speaker. You will be surprised how much that muffles the sound.
  3. Seanjohn2239

    Seanjohn2239 Well-Known Member

    I do this as well works wonders
  4. Seanjohn2239

    Seanjohn2239 Well-Known Member

    Also most apps have horrible pic quality or the ones ive tried at least
  5. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    Is this a Gingerbread thing or Samsung?

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