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  1. xDMx

    xDMx New Member

    Hi i own the new samsung galaxy s2x and it is unlocked from telus and i put it on my koodo plan. its running android 2.3.5 GINGERBREAD. i just want to know if someone can tell me how to update it to ICE CREAM SANDWICH 4.0. iknow this is possible because the guy who owns the store that sold me the phone has the same exact phone unlocked and his is running 4.0 i asked him and he told me just to look it up but i can't find a reliable link so i would like someone to give me some info or help me out please.

  2. timelord65

    timelord65 Well-Known Member

    ICS hasn't been released yet for the SGH t989 Only the galaxy nexus has it as of now.
  3. hobocop

    hobocop Active Member

    Some people "root" their phone and install a version of ICS, see the root subforum for info and tutorials.

    I personally am just going to wait for the official update, as rooting/unlocking your phone can void the warranty and/or break your phone.

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