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  1. Wolvie66

    Wolvie66 Well-Known Member

    Is there a setting on the S3 to speed up the camera shutter speed.
    Every time I try to take a picture of my daughter by the time it takes the pictures all blurry causes moved. My droid never had that problem point shoot and bam the picure took, no blurry pic. Seems like the S3 takes 3-4 seconds to take a picture after you push the shoot button.

    Thanks in advance

  2. ryancalif

    ryancalif Well-Known Member

    There is an image stabilization option in the camera settings. You can try turning that on, but I can't say whether or not it's effective.

    Generally speaking, if you have blurry pictures, you are not snapping the picture correctly (and/)OR there is not enough light (maybe try flash if its indoor?).
  3. hbryder

    hbryder Well-Known Member

    Using flash slows shutter speed significantly, try turning it off, If you are outside in light you should have no problem. You can also put it burst shot to try to capture her in motion
    there are also apps in the market that might offer faster shutter speeds with flash.
  4. pappcam

    pappcam Well-Known Member

    You need to remember that the S3 actually takes the picture when you let go of the shutter button. I keep my finger on the shutter button and when I'm ready to take the picture I let go and it takes the pic right away.
  5. markyboy81

    markyboy81 Well-Known Member

    The s3 has a sport mode, which usually means a fast shutter speed. However, I've yet to try this out
  6. Wolvie66

    Wolvie66 Well-Known Member

    Thank you all for the response turn off flash and yes that help. Also used sport flash and it works also.
    Plus yes I hit the shutter button and never realized I kept my finger on it.
    That is why I love this forum always help me out.

    Thanks again
  7. Metroid Prime

    Metroid Prime Oil Can!!! Oil Can!!! VIP Member

    There's also a setting in the camera called anti shake if that helps. :)

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