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  1. LunchBB

    LunchBB Well-Known Member

    I've tried 2 bluetooth keyboards with the 10.1 tab. Both of them works. However, the onscreen soft keyboard won't go away when the Bluetooth keyboard is connected.

    Before, when I use the bluetooth keyboard with the Xoom, it has an option to disable on-screen ketyboard. Does anybody know how can I do that with the Tab 10.1 ? It's annoying to show tot on-screen keybaord occupy half the screen real estate while using an external keyboard.

  2. sunlimited

    sunlimited Well-Known Member

    what types are you using? i'm thinking of picking one up soon...
  3. LunchBB

    LunchBB Well-Known Member

    I have the Motorola bluetooth android keyboard.
  4. sunlimited

    sunlimited Well-Known Member

    wonder when samsungs going to offer theirs
  5. LunchBB

    LunchBB Well-Known Member

    Samsung has a keyboard dock
  6. 5280Man

    5280Man Well-Known Member

    I just picked up a bluetooth keyboard. I think the company is Menotek. I got if off of Amazon for like $25.00. It's fully waterproof and can be rolled up. There are a few different ones on the market. I am quite impressed. It's not made specifically for Android but works well with Honeycomb. You can close down the stock onscreen keyboard and use this one, that way you have use of the full screen. The tab key on the keyboard takes you to a few options on the homescreen. One of those options is the search key. Type in what you want, like the name of an app installed and it will bring it up. In otherwards, you have good control over the tablet without having to touch the screen. However, there will be times when you will need to. All in all, a very nice keyboard that integrates into the tablet quite nice. It's very functional. It does take a little getting used to a fully rubber keyboard. The keys are pronounced but you still need to learn the pressure it takes to activate the key. I would recommend this keyboard.

    It would be nice to have a keyboard that has keys made specifically for Honeycomb. The keyboard for the Xoom I think has this. I'm guessing those keys and keyboard would work with any Honeycomb tablet?
  7. clb2196

    clb2196 Well-Known Member

    I have a Xoom, and the Motorola keyboard- my tab is coming today :D so I should be able to tell you soon. the Motorola keyboard is expensive, but I really, really like it- I'm really picky about keyboards (I like them like on laptops, have the ones that are sticky or clicky), so the extra cash was worth it to me.
  8. dcar96

    dcar96 New Member

  9. 5280Man

    5280Man Well-Known Member

  10. 5280Man

    5280Man Well-Known Member

    dcar96: Do tell more about this keyboard case you speak of. Link? Made by Samsung?
  11. salla43

    salla43 Well-Known Member

    i have the ipad keyboard for my galaxy note. it works extremely well. sturdy, excellent typing, despite being marked "for ipad" it works very well!

    logitech is the make. cost around 50usd
  12. salla43

    salla43 Well-Known Member

    hey lunchbb did you ever get solution of how to switch of the screen kb?

    thats what i was looking for too!
  13. Dbnguy

    Dbnguy Well-Known Member

    I have the galaxy keyboard, and when I switch it on, I get a message to switch to the android keyboard from the swype keyboard. I then press the down arrow button on the screen and the on screen keyboard goes away never to appear again, until I switch keyboards.

    Must be a compatibility issue with the different brands?
  14. cdf3

    cdf3 Well-Known Member

    I downloaded Null Keyboard by wParam. It's basically a keyboard that does nothing.
    I switch to Null Keyboard when I use my Bluetooth Keyboard with my Tab.
    I no longer have to worry about the Samsung Keyboard popping up.
    When I'm not using my Bluetooth Keyboard, I switch back to my previous keyboard, which is Thumb Keyboard.
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  15. BruceNews

    BruceNews New Member

    Thanks for your Null Keyboard info. It works perfect when used on its own. Had to uninstall other versions of keyboard apps and then it worked perfectly.
  16. GeneralGrievous

    GeneralGrievous New Member

    It looks like the problem has come back with a vengeance following the Android 4.1 upgrade. The Samsung Keyboard now insists on having its way, even if you've installed Null Keyboard.

    Null Keyboard works initially, however whenever the Bluetooth connection is lost and reestablished, the Samsung soft keyboard, even though not selected as the default, pops up the following message:

    The Samsung soft keyboard then summarily resets itself as default input method.

    I have tried other workarounds, such as using the Perfect Keyboard app and decreasing its size to the bare minimum, but unfortunately the Samsung keyboard still pops up its insipid dialog and resets itself as the default every time the Bluetooth connection is established...and then proceeds to pop itself up at the first opportunity. This is just plain stupid. The Samsung soft keyboard knows the Bluetooth keyboard is there, yet not only can't it just go away when the Bluetooth keyboard is active, it insists on setting itself as the default input method despite its incompetent behavior.

    At least one user has had success rooting the tab and renaming the Samsung Keyboard files, but I need to stick with a stock build for maintainability reasons at work.
  17. ChipD22

    ChipD22 Member

    So let me get this straight, samsung is purposely making it a pain in the ass to use any other keyboard than their own? I am using my mouse to click on something to type and it still thinks i want that stupid keyboard to pop up, defeating the null keyboard
  18. mrshamill

    mrshamill Member

    Hi, I'm new, and have been having the same issues with the bluetooth keyboard and Samsung's stupid onscreen keyboard -- namely that the onscreen keyboard won't go away when you've got a 'real' keyboard attached. I followed the advice above and installed 'Null Keyboard' and it works! From several posts, it looks like it won't work relaibly, but a fix is good. Thanks.

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