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  1. SirBaron

    SirBaron New Member

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    This game is being worked on by me and my girlfriend and is our first game we've ever made.

    This game is in VERY early stages, a lot of the artwork is either going to worked on, or replaced. I'm am trying to make a really fun "run" game where you basically jump, slide, and anything else I can bloody well think of!

    To be honest this game is not very serious, as you can imagine, by the title.

    The story is a cow who has mad cow disease, and in reality it's running in circles in a field, but in it's mind, it's galloping across fields, running over mountains, and running upside down inside caves?!

    The game is very early, and is likely to take a fair few months to get it to the level that I want to get it.

    Leave suggestions or comments below, or on the actual store page.

  2. SirBaron

    SirBaron New Member

    Completely overhauled the ground graphics, and spruced up the levels, will be adding much more.

    Will be adding a Bronze, Silver, Gold Feature next I think, 10000 points for bronze, 15000 for silver, 20000 for gold, for this I will need to extend all the levels, but I have no issue with that.
  3. Arnklit

    Arnklit New Member

    I couldn't use the link, and searching for "mad cow run" on Google play gave no results.
  4. SirBaron

    SirBaron New Member

    Sorry about that the game got unpublished by mistake when updating the store info.

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