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[GAME][PAID] Gears Gears Everywhere

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  1. SpongeAAMP

    SpongeAAMP Member

    This is a game to have fun with the mechanics of gears. Different levels have unique goals such as turning a target gear at a certain RPM, grinding coffee, sawing wood and more.

    Gear alignment is automatic, you just have to drag and drop a gear onto another with some overlap and the gears will be placed together nicely. There are three levels so you can have a small gear on the same shaft as a big gear and change speeds very easily.

    The game is low point scoring. Score is based on the number of gears used to complete a level times the time it took. So the trick is to use as few gears as quickly as possible.

    As an example, a motor turns at 3 RPM and one of the levels requires you to turn a target gear at over 100 RPM. It's not just a matter of stringing gears together, but to get ratios right to get things moving fast.

    It works on phones and tablets (2.1+), though with the phone you will have to zoom in a bit more so your finger isn't blocking the gear you want to view.

    Google Play Link:


  2. SpongeAAMP

    SpongeAAMP Member

    I put up an introduction video as both a tutorial and demonstration. Since I didn't go with a free version of the game, this will give you an idea of game play before buying. I'll probably add a second tutorial showing advanced mechanics in a bit.

    Gears Gears Everywhere - Android Game - YouTube

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