Gameloft games in the Market?

  1. gordonz88

    gordonz88 Member

    own the Droid X, and also an iPod Touch, and I recently found out that some of my favorite iPod games, such as Hero of Sparta, Sandstorm: Modern Combat, and N.O.V.A. are available for android phones as well, but after many searches in the Android Market, I could not find these? Are they just in the process of being ported over? And I see other people talking about how awesome the games run on Their Droid X.

  2. Doubledee90

    Doubledee90 Well-Known Member

    Gameloft will not put their games on the market. You will have to download them to your phone from gamelofts website...its kind of a pain, but the games are great.
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  3. gordonz88

    gordonz88 Member

    Thank thank THANK you SO MUCH, No wonder why I coudn't find any of their good games in the market :p

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