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  1. iMurderous

    iMurderous Member

    So not sure what's Goin on but since getting the gear my battery is being murdered. Is this normal? Some sort of trick to reduce the strain on my phone?

    Battery on the gear itself is great. Used allot today for 12 hours and only at 80%.

  2. darkcyber

    darkcyber Well-Known Member

    No issues here with the Gear and my battery. I have had my Note 3 off charger since 6:00 am this morning. My Gear came in today and I have had it connected to my Note 3 since around 1:00 pm. Right now, after 15 hours off charger and with my Gear connected for 8 hours my battery is at 72%. I would look for something else eating up your battery.
  3. iMurderous

    iMurderous Member

    72%!!!!! Holy shit man.

    My phone is on hour 13 with 18%left. Screen time on is 5 hours. So I take it something is bad on my phone? I have most features off and wife connected the whole time. No 4G or very little.
  4. 1up5dn

    1up5dn Well-Known Member Contributor

    Your wife has been connected the whole time!?? I'd say you've found your issue! :p
  5. iMurderous

    iMurderous Member

    Lol I ment wifi. ....

    Think maybe my phone has an issue?
  6. slatyford

    slatyford Well-Known Member

    Off charge and conneted for 10 hours BT and WIFI connected. Normal usage and phone is at 87% and geat at 92 % so no problems here
  7. darkcyber

    darkcyber Well-Known Member

    Maybe try something like CPUSpy and see if you can track down what is eating up your battery. If you are in a really bad 4G area could be your Note 3 is constantly searching for a 4G signal...just a guess. I do not get a very good signal at my house, but have no battery drain issues at all. This phone is incredible on my battery...I really can't believe it after coming from the horrible Nexus.
  8. jds4000

    jds4000 Well-Known Member

    No. Gear IS NOT killing your battery.
  9. Gearu

    Gearu Well-Known Member

    One thing I disabled is the S-Pen detection thing. Phone constantly uses a little power to check whether the Pen is in or not. In settings>controls>S-Pen.
    May help a little.
  10. TulsaTime

    TulsaTime Well-Known Member

    I'm having the same problem since I got the gear. I do have a bad signal at work and i know the phone is constantly searching for signal but I am running dead in about 5 hours since I got the gear. I was getting through my whole 13 hour shift with about 30% battery left. Maybe it's something else I just have ot figure out!!
  11. dontpanicbobby

    dontpanicbobby Guides Guide

    TulsaTime have you looked in our Galaxy Gear forum? Might be something about this there and I know everyone who visits there would love to know the solution you find.
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