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  1. gezh

    gezh Well-Known Member

    Hi all. I'm in the UK, on Orange, and considering getting a contract phone for my partner.

    We want something midrange - better in capability and screen resolution than the cheapest stuff like HTC wildfire (around

  2. iamviveksri

    iamviveksri Well-Known Member

    try the new Swype method of using keyboard.... you will have to learn it a bit but then u will never leave it
  3. gezh

    gezh Well-Known Member

    124 views to date - but still no one's answered my question about the keyboard!
  4. iamviveksri

    iamviveksri Well-Known Member

    the keyboard certainly switches to landscape

    we didnt answer your question because the previous answer seemed to be an answer in itself

    do get the Ray and happy droid-ing
  5. knight47

    knight47 Member

    SWIPE method is very comfortable :):)
    you wont bother about keyboard if you used to it:):):)

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