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GeniaTech ATV1200/1600

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  1. tokar

    tokar Member

    Anyone have any information about the GeniaTech ATV1200 or ATV1600? Price or availability?

    If not, can anyone recommend a similarly powered and featured Google TV product?

    Looks like the ATV1200 is also available as the Homix HX-1200:

    Looks like it can be purchased. Do 499 of you want to go in with me for a purchase?

  2. next121

    next121 Well-Known Member

    They are only starting to appear to resellers, I'd hold off and wait a bit more until individual units are being sold. For example here is the ATV12/1600 rebranded as Iconbit Toucan Duo.

    If the resellers are starting to put them up on their sites then retails sales cant be far away.
  3. tokar

    tokar Member

    Nice find!

    How did you stumble on their product?

    (I was joking about going in for 500 units by the way...heh...I was just hoping someone had information as to when they would be available for individual purchase)
  4. jlcd

    jlcd Member

  5. next121

    next121 Well-Known Member

    Well I've heard of Iconbit before, there's a decent media player database on this site. Iconbit do a version on the low end boxes like the ATV1000, saw that then saw the bigger box on their site.

    However Iconbit typically only sell to Russia and parts of Europe like Germany and the Netherlands so getting one might not be so easy.

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