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Getting a new DroidX (new to me)

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  1. 1aushell

    1aushell Member

    Just ordered a Droid X and waiting for delivery. I've been reading posts on rooting and came across a warning for One-Click method stating that previously rooted DX owners who lost root with OTA update should proceed with caution. How would I tell if the phone was rooted. My guess is most likely the phone has been rooted at one time and may have been unrooted. What other things should I look for before proceeding to root a pre-owned phone?

  2. Savagerun

    Savagerun Active Member

    You'll have to wait till you get the phone so you can check what system version it's on before you know what you need to do to get it rooted. When you get the phone just go in the settings then press about phone and you'll find out there what system version it's on.
  3. 1aushell

    1aushell Member

    I got the phone the other day and the system version is 4.5.621. I read on xda that the process to root a .621 device can be quite involved. I need to read some more unitl I decided whether or not to root. Not the end of the world if I don't, but would be nice to remove stock programs, improve battery life, and maybe update firmware later. Since I'm using Page Plus and not on a Verizon service, I don't think OTA is available.

    Any comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  4. 1aushell

    1aushell Member

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