getting a new milestone have questions about rooting, and outlook 2007 syncing...

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    Im gettign my first brand new milestone european version to use her ein california so I think it comes with version 2.1 right? Is there a new version to install.

    Also exactly whats the advantages in rooted the phone and where and how to do so?

    One more, how about directly sync with my microsoft outlook 2007 jsut the contacts I dont need to syn email, notes, etc etc. Thanks

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    Andoid being Google likes to sync with Google Gmail, and when you first turn on your device you will be asked to sign in to your Google account or create one, you can skip the process also. I use a product called gSyncit, I had to pay for it but from what I looked around it did everything, Calendar, Contacts, notes go to Google docs. You can use a free version that will sync but, Google stores name listed by first name then last so if you look up a contact in your phone it would be first name, so the free versions stick with that and I did not like that to use to names filed last name. So gSyncit has an option to make that happen. It all works pretty well but be careful of other paid program out there i tried 3-4 and thay all had problems, some did not sync reoccuring events in my calendar some did not answer email questions untill 4-5 days later. gSyncit answered same day and still does I had an error and he answered right away. Root the phone wil allow you to install a custom operating system, having ran one on my old Windows Mobile phone some of these customized roms they call them can be far better than the stock one, but you do run the risk of bricking your phone and being without one till you or someone online can help you recover. Custom Roms allow you to do a bunch of other things like installing apps onto a SD card instead of your phones memory giving you more space. Best bet is run your phone for awhile Android is really new at the OS thing but it runs failrly good, get use to it and then if yo decide you want more than do the custom ROM.
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