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  1. jmurt

    jmurt New Member

    Hi all, first post :-*,

    despite having email notification set and auto send/receive checked, I cannot get this phone to notify/download new emails without firdt having to open the inbox!

    Also, it won't let me add my gmail account to the (android?) mail app, insisting my account details are incorrect? This isn't the main problem as my primary (pop3) account is setup and works fine, except for the lack of auto download and subsequent notification! Even If an email is downloaded but not opened, the mail app still doesn't show unread mail!

    My desire running 2.2 does all this without any problem, but the Cha-cha/2.3 combo just won't do it!

    Please advise..:-(


  2. jmurt

    jmurt New Member


    Anyone... please?
  3. jporch316

    jporch316 Well-Known Member

    ive had some probs with priority inbox and stuff but that was giving me two mail notifications for each emali received - also had problkems trying to get silent notifications.

    The only time ive stopped receiving email is when my internal storage got to low (below 15mb) - solved this with a master reset.

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