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  1. darthkir

    darthkir Member This Topic's Starter

    Oct 3, 2010
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    I have nicely sync-ed my outlook 2010 contacts to my galaxy by using kies. Later, i plan to get companionlink to help me to sync my outlook with my phone and google.

    When i go to my contact setting in gmail, because of that my outlook contacts are only in my phone and not yet sync-ed to gmail, listed under "My Contacts" are nothing. This is to be expected.

    Later on, when i sent some emails to random emails which are not in my gmail contacts, these emails will be listed automatically by gmail under "Most Contacted" and "Other Contacts". What happen then is that these new contacts will be synced by gmail automatically to my phone, and I dont want this to happen as these are temporary contacts. I dont want these to be stored not in gmail or my phone.

    I cant find a way to prevent gmail to automatically synced these temporary contacts to my phone. Is there a solution?

    Please advise.


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