Good Ringtone Apps?

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  1. Hey guys,

    Im new here, just got my Driod Incredible today. It is an amazing phone. But just like my ipod touch there are just too many apps for one person to go through in one day.

    I found this forum from google and was wondering if someone could direct me to a nice ringtone application (preferbly free).

    Also if anyone knows of any good wallpaper apps? That would be cool to. Thanks in advance.

  2. urinee

    urinee New Member

    Have a try with "ringdroid" on app marketplace it lets you convert any mp3's you have on your phone into ringtones or sms alerts etc..
    For wallpaper try "zedge" app huge selection to choose from it also has ringtones.. They also have a website,check that out..
    Have fun hope this helps..
  3. balticzar

    balticzar New Member

    Zedge and Mabilo are my faves for ringtones. Very user friendly and they're free. Have fun.
  4. MarcusDC

    MarcusDC New Member

    I just tried Zedge and it was great. Easy to use and it downloads into the right place as it should be. :):)
  5. jakson

    jakson Member

    I use Mabilo Ringtones. Best I've found so far.
  6. Justaddh30

    Justaddh30 Member

    +1 Zedge - it has ringtones and wallpapers
    +1 Ringdroid - you can take any mp3 and easily chop it up however you want straight from the phone

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