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Google Maps contrast issue on Optimus V?General

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  1. garybeck

    garybeck Well-Known Member

    When I'm using google maps to view a rural area with few roads, I find the contrast is so poor I can barely see the roads. does anyone else have this problem? Here's a screenshot


    it actually looks better here on the PC than it does on my phone. I can't seem to find contrast settings on the phone, only brightness, and this doesn't seem to help.

    I posted this is the app forum and one person said he got similar results on a different device. So is this just bad programming from google? Seems to me the road should be a nice dark black line. why is it so light? I can barely see it!

    If anyone wants to try viewing the same spot (and maybe sharing a screenshot), try
    Williams Hill Road
    Richmond, VT 05477

    I'd be interested to know if other people with Optimus V have the same kind of low contrast issue on google maps.


  2. tli

    tli Well-Known Member

    Satellite view:

  3. badblue1

    badblue1 * TRUCKS ARE BEAUTIFUL * VIP Member

  4. garybeck

    garybeck Well-Known Member

    thanks but that's satellite mode. can you switch to regular map view?
  5. garybeck

    garybeck Well-Known Member

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  6. tli

    tli Well-Known Member

    Easily toggle between the two modes with just two simple taps on the screen:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. garybeck

    garybeck Well-Known Member

    yes I know that.... I was asking you to show a screenshot of your phone when it's in map mode to see if you have the same bad contrast as I do.
  8. a5pe4

    a5pe4 Well-Known Member

  9. garybeck

    garybeck Well-Known Member

    ha, thanks. looks like Richmond VA, not Richmond VT... either way, if you look at the smaller roads that are nameless on your screenshot, like half way up on the left side, you'll see how poor the contrast is and you can barely see there is a road there. I live in a rural area and all the roads are like that. I can barely see where anything is. I guess it's a Google problem and not my phone. thanks.

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