Google maps no Voice directionSupport

  1. Graham6846

    Graham6846 New Member

    Hi Guys
    Recently obtained the Samsung Galaxy from "3"
    Downloaded Google Maps but I just can NOT get any voice directions what so ever , plus the screen keeps saying "Updating GPS location " or similar ,but for Fact GPS location is excellent .

    If ever it works as intended it will be Brillant but for now , XXXX.......

    Ah well such is life


  2. Mad_Sunday

    Mad_Sunday Well-Known Member

    This has been an issue for a while on the i5700, however, Google just released an update to Maps which seems to have fixed it :) Just update maps via Market and you should be good.

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  3. Lol mahmood

    Lol mahmood Well-Known Member

    I'd already downloaded one update from Maps that didn't seem to do anything; checked the market again after seeing this post, found the newest update, and now have decent voice nav. Cheers!

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