Got stuck on fastboot Looking for Device Driver LG Optimus ME P350

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  1. iGamersBox

    iGamersBox Member

    Hi, there

    I have LG Optimus Me P350, my device rooted with superoneclick and i am a noob with android device.:(

    so my issue runs when i installed Rom manager and i did sd partition at first it runs well then i start bugging with Rom manager and did sd partition again got stuck up with Fastboot mode.

    I have gone through @joneidy protocoles to overcome this issue but got stuck again with device driver.

    I have install this file LGUnitedMobileDriver_S497CA20_WHQL_ML_Ver_1.0 but what joneidy gave on his fastboot bundle didn't work then i gone to LG official org site to download.

    When i update android from device manager with lgandadb file it says they didn't find my device on the list(something like this). So before i make more mess i stop my self there it self. Any help would be appreciated and thanked for eternity.

    Mod: This is my first post, so if you find it doesn't belong here please move or move it to place where i'll have better response on my problem. Thanks for you're help and generosity.

    Have a great day :)(Mine yet to come:()

  2. iGamersBox

    iGamersBox Member

    I suppose i am looking for a holy Grail, any way thanks for the Help :(
  3. Sekhmet

    Sekhmet New Member

    Run your phone via emergency mode(turn off and turn on by VOL. down, VOL. up and power off).

    Connect via USB to Your phone, in KDZ select soft(fe. V10F, 3GCQT and PhoneMode- EMERGENCY).

    And flash it!
  4. MrMarinac

    MrMarinac New Member

    AFter flashing the phone it just stays at the android logo when booting,the logo shuts down for 1 second every 2 minutes and doesnt boot even after I have waited 2 hours :(
  5. venkat kamesh

    venkat kamesh Member

    interesting thing !!!

    when you flash it via kdz u need to have factory reset on pressing vol+,call,power button and reboot
    before connect the charger may be due to low battery it may shut down

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