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  1. satan

    satan Member

    I have a Vodafone prepaid sim and live in bangalore.I got the sim recharged for rs 95 for the unlimited GPRS pack.The phone shows the "E" EDGE symbol but when i open the browser the pages dont load.PLS HELP!! :( :(
    Please give me the APN settings which will work.

  2. chronodekar

    chronodekar Well-Known Member

    I sympathize with you. I was on Vodafone perpaid and I just gave up with getting EDGE to work on my i7500. Heck, I even spent a whole hour at there service center with one of there personnel twiddling with my phone - to no avail.

    I still keep my Vodafone SIM around, in case they improve things. I really liked them. But, in the meantime, I've moved to Tata Docomo. It's not so difficult to setup EDGE on that.

    The irony with Vodafone, is that when I had my E71, a message came over their network, with instructions on how to setup the GPRS, but nothing for the i7500.

    Really wanting to go back to Vodafone,


    I found this link please tell me if it worked for you,
  3. angeamon

    angeamon Well-Known Member


    The settings for Vodafone APN Bangalore are as follows :

    Apn: portalnmms
    Port: 9401

    Username: leave this field empty
    Password: leave this field empty
    Server: leave this field empty
    MMSC: leave this field empty
    MMS proxy: leave this field empty
    MMS port: leave this field empty

    MMC: 404
    MNC: 86

    APN type: default
    Authentification type: Normal(PAP)

    Hope the above settings help !! these are the settings i use on my mobile.
    Note: I have this weird problem of being able to access EDGE only using the default browser.


    Try the settings mentioned above. Ur VODAFONE GPRS may just work :p
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  4. chronodekar

    chronodekar Well-Known Member


    I don't believe it ! It works !!! :)

    I used MNC as 46 (default) though. I'm not in Bangalore.

  5. angeamon

    angeamon Well-Known Member


    Great !!! :)
  6. soni.jd

    soni.jd Active Member

    hi guys,
    I tried speaking to vodafone my surprise they told me that "Android Phones do not support GPRS."
    I tried changing the settings as per the details available here however now i'm getting "E" on the bar on top but unable to browse..
    Seems it's not working..I'm in gurgaon hence I used MNC as 46 (default).
    Please assist me...
    Also does this option give you puch mail ?
  7. chronodekar

    chronodekar Well-Known Member

    "Android phones do not support GPRS ?!?!"

    What a load of bull from Vodafone. I used it from Kerala (after a LOT of hassle). Though, I moved back to Docomo. Vodafone blocks use of the android market and any non-HTTP requests. So, I dumped them.

    soni.jd, I really wish I could help you. :(

  8. soni.jd

    soni.jd Active Member

    Atlast after a lot of searching,..hit and GPRS working on my galaxy3...speed is decent..but only works on the android browser..not on opera..and also android market,youtube,gps and maps do not work...cant figure out y....
    every time i need to chek my email have to go through a loooooong process...
  9. chronodekar

    chronodekar Well-Known Member

    Sounds like your carrier is blocking non-HTTP requests. Apart from bitching to them, nothing much to do about it... :(

    I switched to Tata Docomo over this issue.

  10. r_mamtani2004

    r_mamtani2004 New Member

    i spoke to vodafone customer care ppl regarding this......
    vodafone live wont work on android phones(though only the default brouser ll)

    u need vodafone mobile connect for that....which is a rental service.......200 per month...n the 95/- internet pack also doesnt work on it
  11. dapatab

    dapatab New Member

    I too had the same problem. After spending hours with customer care I wrote the office. They too confirmed that Vodafone Live does not support Android phones. After another mail, One Mr.Ajit contacted me. Here is what I did.

    Delete all existing connection.
    Create a new APN : Name it "v"
    APN: www

    That's it. It immediately shows "E" Symbol on top and start browsing.

    NO restart. As simple as that. Now I am browsing and it is really fast.

    Hope it helps.
  12. soni.jd

    soni.jd Active Member

    Hi Dapatab,

    Your post is ENCOURAGING...would yo be able to share the entire content of the mail...or the exact GPRS settings from your phone..i've tried your settings...without any sucess though.....
  13. soni.jd

    soni.jd Active Member


    Good news for all poor "Vodafone" customers....Vodafone has finally launched a service which is a combination of Vodafone Line + can use VCM and VL under the same combo plan.
    You'll be charged with Rs 198/pm with a bundled usage of 3 GB, Rs 250 for 5 GB and Rs 500 for unlimited data usage.

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