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GPS coordinate projector

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    Feb 18, 2009
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    GPS reads out coordinates lat-long of the WGS84 system
    Many countries use maps with different coordinatesystem (e.g. in x,y in distance-units rather than degrees - UTM grid, national grids, etc.)

    Dedicated GPS receivers usually allow to choose a projection... including to set a [CUSTOM...] projection where you fill in a series of parameters... and if you set the paramaters right... it gives the intended coordinates (or approaches them with reasonable precision).
    [[e.g. http://gpsinformation.org/dale/measure.htm User Grid ]]

    A utility allowing to display UTM coordinates,
    including a USER GRID option to further project from there
    (like build-in in dedicated GPS receivers) -- would be neat.

    One could think of building in a library of national grids etc.
    making use of existing ProjectionLibraries (e.g. http://www10.giscafe.com/wwwthreads-5.3/showflat.php?Cat=3&Board=gis_education&Number=121921) - perhaps to be ported to the android dialect.


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