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Group messaging????General

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  1. Any particular way we can group message? I used an htc one, and it had an option to enable it natively but the lg doesn't have such an option, I have a lot of iPhone friends so I'm constantly included in group messages but they all come in separate texts from each individual

  2. Jastow

    Jastow Active Member

    I'm using textra and its supposed to support group messaging, though I have yet to try That feature. The interface is pretty nice looking, can be customize, and is easy to use....it's also free: )

    Confirmed; group messaging works on Textra.
  3. CharlzO

    CharlzO Well-Known Member

    Just fired up the stock messaging app on mine, and it seemed to group just fine. I just type in the first name, select it from the list, type the next, etc. After the second one, a pop up came up to tell me that I was about to enter group messaging. I sent it to my phone, my other, and a few family members. All rec'd as normal. Then, when replying, at the top I can click on the list of people, and it comes up with a list I can edit from there. Or, in the bottom when replying, it shows "Send to all" instead of just Send. Just make sure "Group Conversation" is selected at the top. I'm also on the Verizon version, don't know if that matters with the stock messaging app or not. (I normally use GoSMS btw, but figured I'd test it with stock for this)
  4. Jastow

    Jastow Active Member

    I had a pop up in Textra That asked me if I wanted to enable mms and that it would help with receiving messages from IPhone users. Ever since then, I've gotten group messages on the stock app. I like the customization of Textra, but it doesn't display or read out messages on Lincoln's Sync system like the stock app does. I still haven't found anything that will allow you to voice text, which is unfortunate since the Nokia 920 and WP8 (considered inferior by many) allowed this...it's also safer for everyone else when I don't have to text and drive :D
    So I deleted Textra, and group messaging went away in the stock app. You can send a message to multiple recipients at once, but when they reply, the messages are received individually. Hopefully an update of some sort will address this since it's a basic feature.
  5. jikhead

    jikhead Well-Known Member

    Are you sure that they aren't replying to you individually?
  6. Jastow

    Jastow Active Member

    Yes, I verified with a couple of friends at BDubs today during the games. One guy had an IPhone and the other a GS3. I received their messages separately after deleting Textra. Maybe it's a carrier issue (att) with this particular phone. Seems like the OP and are having the same issue. I liked textra , but it doesn't work with Ford sync.
  7. Interesting, maybe ill dl textra just to have the feature in the stock app, n ill just hide the textra app, thanks! Apparently the Verizon one has it already built in.

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