[GUIDE] Installing CWM and a custom ROM on the Motorola Triumph

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  1. agentc13

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    I have seen a decent number of people coming to these forums asking how to get CM7, MIUI, or some other custom ROM on their phone. The info to do this is posted in various places around our section of the forums, but I decided to make a guide that puts all the information together in one place. I did not make any of the ROMs, I am just trying to help out the people that need it. Make sure you give your thanks to the devs (and tip them if you can!). There are videos for many of these steps at the end of the post. I did not make them so they may be slightly different than the instructions I posted, in which case follow the written instructions.

    NOTE: Make sure you activate your phone on the stock ROM before doing these things as you cannot do it on many of the custom ROMs.

    NOTE 2: You do not have to root your phone to do this, unless you really feel like doing so. The custom ROMs come with root access. Rooting beforehand is not necessary, but it does not hurt a thing either.

    OK, let's get started.

    To install a custom ROM on your Triumph, you need to install ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM).

    Installing ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM).

    1. Download CWM. The latest version from Isaac ( is here. You need to use one made specifically for the Triumph, not one for a different phone. Some ROMs require ext4 support, so some of the older versions will not work for that.

    Here are some alternate builds that will also work:
    Dr. Who Themed CWM by agentc13 (
    Lime Green Themed CWM by b_randon14 (
    Slightly Customized CWM by ziggy46 (
    These alternate builds are current as of 12/11/2011.

    2. Unzip the recovery.img file from the Zip file you downloaded and place it somewhere handy (on your computer desktop????).

    3. Turn off and unplug your phone.

    4. Boot into Download Mode by holding down Power + Volume Down buttons simultaneously until the phone vibrates.

    5. You will see the following message repeating on your screen:

    polling, get oemsbl_mode=1

    6. Plug the phone into your computer.

    7. A drive labeled MOBILE will appear in your computer.

    8. Open the MOBILE drive and you should see a folder named image, in that folder you will see a file named recovery.img.

    9. You want to backup the file just in case, so rename it something like recovery.img.bu (You can call it whatever you want, just as long as you remember what it is).

    10. Place the recovery.img file that you unzipped earlier into the image folder.

    11. Unplug the phone from the computer.

    12. Take out the battery, wait a few seconds, and put the battery back into the phone.

    13. Boot into CWM by holding down the Power, Volume Up, and Volume Down simultaneously until the phone vibrates.

    The phone will boot into CWM. The latest version will have blue lettering.

    The controls for CWM are:

    Volume up --> up
    Volume down --> down
    Menu --> select
    Back --> back

    Making a Nandroid Backup.

    A NANROID backup is basically a backup of your android operating system from the phone’s NAND memory, saved to the storage card. It is always advisable to take a Nandroid backup of your phone before you attempt to flash a new ROM to it so that in case anything goes wrong, you can revert your phone back to its previously working state. In the following section, I will tell you how you can take a NANDROID backup and restore your phone from one you’ve already taken.

    1. Boot into CWM (see first section above, step 13).

    2. Select backup and restore (use the menu button to select).

    3. Select backup.

    4. This will make your backup. It is not a bad idea to copy the file (from ...) to somewhere on your computer as well.

    Restoring A Nandroid Backup.

    1. Boot into CWM (see first section above, step 13).

    2. Select backup and restore (use the menu button to select).

    3. Select restore.

    4. Select the file you wish to restore.

    Installing a Custom ROM.

    1. The first thing you need to do is download the ROM you want to install.

    Here is a list of all of the current threads for the ROM's I could find here for the Motorola Triumph (sorted by android version):

    Android 4.0.x
    CM9-ALPHA by multiple developers

    Android 2.3.x
    MIUI by isaacj87
    CyanogenMod 7 by Tickerguy
    CM7-TG-Reloaded by Whyzor

    Android 2.2.x
    Froyocream Sandwich by Mobstergunz and ziggy46
    bROM by b-randon14
    PunkROM by punkmaxx
    Thunder ROM by ziggy46
    Princely ROM by Austrie

    If I forgot someone's ROM, just let me know and I will add it.

    2. Move the file to a folder on your phone's SDcard (or download it directly to your phone, combining steps 1 and 2).

    3. Boot into CWM (see first section above, step 13).

    4. Select wipe data/factory reset. This will wipe your /system and /data. You should also format your /cache under the mounts and storage options.

    5. Navigate back to the main menu.

    6. Select install zip from sdcard.

    7. Select choose sip from sdcard.

    8. Navigate to the folder you placed the ROM zip in.

    9. Select the ROM zip file.

    10. Navigate to Yes - Install (name of file), and select it.

    11. This will install your ROM

    12. When it is done reboot your phone.

    There may be special instructions for specific ROMs (like flashing gapps for CM7), just follow the instructions listed in the thread for that ROM. If you have questions about a specific ROM it is best to ask them in the thread for that ROM.

    Thanks to all the Dev's for their hard work and making this all available for the Triumph!

    Installing a New Boot Animation.

    To change your boot animation manually you need to use a file explorer of some sort and have root access on your phone. You then need to have a .zip file of the boot animation you want to install. You place the .zip into /system/media on your phone (not on the SD card!), the file needs to be named bootanimation.zip. On CM7 I also replaced the bootanimation.zip in /data/local. MIUI has an app that allows you to download and replace the boot animation without doing this.

    I also found an app called Bootanimation Utility that you can get from the market (it also has a thread on xda, and it's own site). I tried it out on CM7 and believe it will work for any ROM, but have not tested it on all of them. You can save a boot animation zip to your card and install it through the app.

    Flashable Splash Images.

    Here is ziggy46's post with a flashable (through CWM) splash image zip. You can also replace the splash.img with one of your own manually. You need to put the phone in download mode, and replace the splash.img with one of your own. It needs to be the correct size (most of them you would find to download will be).

    Here are links to some helpful videos (I haven't watched them all step by step, but they should match the text instructions. If different follow the written guide, not the video.):
    Installing ClockworkMod Recovery
    Making a Nandroid Backup
    Restoring a Nandroid Backup
    Installing CM7 You use basically the same process to install any of the ROMs (just use the appropriate files).
    Enabling Wifi Tether

    There are many other useful posts here in the Motorola Triumph Root Guide.

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    Looks good so far. Thanks for bringing everything together in one thread!

  3. nate115

    nate115 Active Member

    This is what i was looking for,will try tomorrow.
  4. Chairshot215

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    Had it not been for those videos I would probably still complaining about all my issues with the stock Rom. Kyle Rocks!
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  5. agentc13

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    Yeah, I preferred written guides when I learned this stuff, but it is definitely good to have both options! That was my intent here, to make it so a lot of good info was in the same spot and easily found. So that people that need the help don't have to spend a couple hours digging through posts to find what they need, or repeatedly asking the same questions over and over. If people want to make some write-ups for the specific ROMs I will edit them and add it to this post (giving credit, of course). That was something I didn't want to mess with at the moment, although I may do it at some point.
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    Excellent guide sir! Bumping to keep it up top for the uninitiated :)
  7. Chairshot215

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    I hear you, as someone who writes Technical Support Documents for a living there is nothing better than a step by step reference guide. The videos help as a visual confirmation that what has been written is correct. I would be down for helping out with some guides. If anything just for the experience as the company I work for will be moving from a Windows Mobil based Bluebird PDA to an Android based Pidion for its applications and all of our documentation will need to be rewritten. Will also be looking for Developers if anyone in the Philadelphia area who has experience developing Android Apps is looking for work. Home - Field Diagnostics
  8. Elefantes

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    Okay, I have a macbook pro, and it is the only computer in my household and the main reason I haven't given in to the urge of rooting my phone and installing CWM or CM7/MIUI. I fear that by using a mac I may be missing out on a key process needed to root my phone and move on to these feature ROMs.

    Does anyone know if by using a mac any of here processes may be compromised?
  9. agentc13

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    You can do everything on a mac.
  10. minus5252

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    Hey, that's me!

    I agree, I like having a text version to go off of, but when I have had questions in the past, I know how useful a video reference can be.

    I have more Triumph videos coming, should be tonight. I've been wrapped up in completing my workshop. While you're checking out my videos from the first post, look at my other videos on youtube to see what I've done. I've been planning on renovating my workshop for a little over a month so I can start Arduino development.

    @agentc13 - Great guide!
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  11. agentc13

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    Thanks man. Glad you made the videos so there are a couple of good options for people to see there as well. I know they help a lot of beginners out.
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    Thanks Agentc13, it worked first time no issues.
  13. agentc13

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    If it was helpful hit the thanks button! :p

    It was just easier to write it all down in one place and direct people to it, than to answer the same stuff every week!
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    This thread should definitely be Stickied!
  15. agentc13

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    Since you have some more updated videos minus, I will update this with them.

    I think I might add the kernel stuff, but I kind of think that if you need help with that you probably shouldn't OC your phone. We will see. What do you guys think?
  16. gorogjm

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    Having trouble with flashing a bootanimation. after choosing ""chose zip from sdcard" I scroll down and select bootanimation.zip . It then starts instaill but after "Installing update..." it reads "Installation aborted". This has happened for two different bootanimation.zip files.

    Any ideas?

    BTW this guide has been the best resource I've found for my triumph. thanks agentc13
  17. Austrie

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    That's not how you install a boot animation....but I'll let agentc explain it for you....
  18. agentc13

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    Yeah, I can add a tut for boot animations and splah screens and all that when I get a chance. Probably tomorrow. Or much later today if I get the free time.
  19. gorogjm

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    Damn. I'm tired of Big noobin. Any knowledge would be great. Thanks guys.
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    Yeah, I didn't have time yesterday, I will get to it today.
  21. agentc13

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    Added boot animation and splash image sections 11/19.
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  22. spetterle

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    I followed the instructions on downloading a new rom which was brom. everything said successful and I selected reboot system and it did but all it keeps on doing is flashing the green b rom v1.0 with the motorola symbol. The phone never boots up.. Any suggestions?
  23. agentc13

    agentc13 Daleks Über Alles VIP Member

    There are special instructions for brom in it's thread. You need to flash the prep ROM first, then the real ROM. Like I said in the post some ROMs have special instructions so follow them.
  24. spetterle

    spetterle New Member

    ok thank you very much
  25. agentc13

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    Also added the Bootanimation Utility app (to change your boot animation, duh!). 11/19.
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