Guys--What are some good music programs?General

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  1. infusehelp

    infusehelp Member

    Ok so i have "Gtunes" and "Ringtone Maker" which are both good programs BUT i can't find all the music i want. Both programs are free! :D Every other program i have seen in the "android mall" you have to DL the songs from amazon or something.....i don't want to do that to be honest.

    So do you guys know of any other good FREE music services? :confused: I don't really feel like paying for songs...that amazon app is a WASTE of money. :rolleyes:

  2. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    have you tried the new app spotify? I have not checked it out yet.
  3. infusehelp

    infusehelp Member

    Nope but i'll check it out.

    Edit: I was reading the reviews for this in the android mall and many people are saying it claims to be free...but it's not! Ha...i'll check it out anyway.
  4. jessejesus

    jessejesus New Member

    Ubermusic is a GORGEOUS music player. Unfortunately comes with no equalizer and is $3.50. Personally, the aesthetic is worth the price
  5. infusehelp

    infusehelp Member

    I'm still looking...

    i tired shazam...hated it. Tried pandora...hated that. I hope they come out with something new soon.
  6. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    What exactly are you looking for? streams?

    check out iheart radio...huge updates coming soon

    Di radio is great too

    Tunin is ok but not great...and if you are really bored check out scanner radio

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