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    Troubleshooting your EVO

    I'm attempting to make this guide in order to put all the information I've learned in my few months here into an easily accessible sort of guide that people can use to troubleshoot their phones in that panicked moment they have where something goes wrong. I've noticed that there are many common problems and most problems people are having can be grouped. This is going to be a living document and added to/edited as the community sees fit. This guide assumes you have already achieved root. For problems with the rooting process itself, view the appropriate rooting for dummies guide based on your H-Boot version.

    This guide is not meant to be and end all be all guide to fix every problem. It is meant to give you a headstart on solving your issue before making a thread or while waiting for responses from members. This is for basic problems people are having and very well might not fix your specific problem. Thats why we have the forum..... Make a thread!

    Most problems that people are having when trying to flash a ROM result from not properly wiping the device. To properly wipe you want to do a manual wipe and not rely on programs such as ROM manager. Reboot into recovery, select wipe, and wipe EVERYTHING except SD card 2-3 times. If you are in clockworkmod recovery(first off it is recommended to switch recoveries), make sure to wipe Dalvik Cache which is found under the advanced menu option. Follow this manual wipe by flashing Superwipe found here. Once superwipe completes, you are ready to flash your ROM. If issues persist, use Caulkins Format All as well

    If you are having problems activating your phone you need to make sure you are on a sense-based ROM. This problem typically arises when people buy their phone off of ebay or craigslist and find that their phone is already rooted and running cm7. Simply make a nandroid by rebooting into recovery and flash a sense-based ROM. Activate your phone and then restore your nandroid if you want to stay on cm7

    Bootloops are commonly caused by not flashing properly. If you are experiencing a bootloop make sure that you have properly wiped using the steps above in the flashing section. If you have, move on to the next steps

    Bootloops may also be caused by having SetCPU set with a MAX that is more than your phone can handle. Always make sure to play with your phone with normal use before hitting the set on boot box. If you have recently installed or made changes to SetCPU make sure you haven't accidentally overclocked too much. Check out this thread for more information SETCPU bootloops

    To get out of the bootloop:
    Pull the battery and insert it back in. Get to your bootloader screen by holding power and volume down. Go to recovery and wipe dalvik cache & cache. Reboot. If the bootloops continue move on.

    Flashing the ROM on itself:
    Pull the battery and get back into recovery using the method above. Wipe only Dalvik Cache & Cache and flash the ROM overtop of itself. Reboot. If bootloops continue, move on

    If your phone is still bootlooping, consider nandroiding back to a prior stable ROM or flashing another ROM.

    If you cannot get into recovery:
    Recently there have been problems with people (who happen to be running cm7) getting stuck in a bootloop without the ability of getting into recovery to get out of it. If this happens, there may still be ways of getting your phone working, but it is going to require expertise that is currently above the knowledge of the author of this guide :) Make a thread and someone will be happy to try and help.

    Force Closes:
    Once again, not properly wiping can cause force closes. First make sure you have followed the directions in the wiping area of this and many other guides. If you have properly wiped, move on.

    Wipe Dalvik Cache & Cache:
    Reboot into recovery and wipe only dalvik cache & cache. Then reboot the phone. If force closes continue, move on.

    Permissions Fix:
    If that doesn't fix the force close issues, run a permissions fix either from recovery or from ROM manager. To do it from recovery reboot into recovery and select "other", then "fix permissions" Upon Completion Reboot. If force closes continue, then move on.

    Flash Rom Over Itself:
    Reboot into recovery. Wipe only Dalvik cache & cache and reflash the ROM over itself. Reboot. If force closes continue, move on.

    If that still doesnt fix it, consider nandroiding back to a stable ROM, flashing a new one, or making a thread

    Slow/Laggy Performance:
    Laggyness on the phone can be the result of a few things. One of the easiest ways to fix a lot of peoples lag problems are just wiping Dalvik Cache & Cache in recovery and rebooting the phone.

    If that doesn't fix your lag problems consider your setCPU settings. If your max is too low on the main SetCPU screen or the min is too low in a profile such as your screen off profile the phone will have a considerable amount of lag. Bump up your max and see if that fixes your problems.

    Another thing to consider is internal memory. Many of the new Sense 3.5 ROMS are huge. If your not partitioned your phone can have lag as a result of running low on memory. The easiest way to fix this is to partition your SD card. Class 6 or higher recommended.
    Kernel Problems:
    Make sure your using the right type of kernel. AOSP Roms require AOSP kernels and sense ROMS require sense kernels. Also, kernels that were made for Froyo wont work on gingerbread, and when ICS hits gingerbread kernels arent going to work for it either.

    Make sure your flashing the right version of the kernel. Godmode and synergy versions are only for ROMS with godmode or synergy included. If you dont know what this means, you probably dont have either and you need the UNIVERSAL version.

    Make sure your wiping Dalvik Cache & Cache before flashing a kernel. Wiping of data or anything else is not required.

    For more information, check out Kernels for Dummies

    Nandroids arent restoring
    First of all make sure your nandroid is compatible with your recovery. Nandroids made in clockwork recovery arent able to be restored in Amon Ra and vice versa. It is strongly recommended that everyone use the new Amon Ra style recovery that can restore both clockwork and amon ra nandroids. Information about it can be found here

    If your nandroid is compatible with your recovery, its entirely possible that something went wrong in the backup or restore process. Try restoring it again, if that still doesn't work, then the nandroid is probably bad. This happens from time to time. This is why it is important to have a nandroid that you know works backed up somewhere safe.

    If you rename your nandroids to help you identify what is on them, the nandroids cannot have spaces or symbols in them

    Sd Card Issues
    Help! I erased my SD Card:
    This happens from time to time on the forum. Someone wipes their SD card and comes here for help. Unfortunately, theres not a whole lot that can be done about this. There are applications both on thr computer and for the phone that can attempt to recover deleted data, but they do not work 100% of the time. The most important thing if you've accidently wiped your SD card is to try and recover it quickly. If the system writes over the areas that you've deleted it becomes much harder to recover. An app to check out is Undelete, which is currently in beta and will attempt to recover your files.

    A good way to prevent accidently deleting your SD card contents is to use the AmonRa Style Recovery listed here. It puts SD card wiping away from everything else so you ahve to go out of your way to actually do it.

    SD card Errors:
    If your having problems with the phone being able to read the SD card, its a good idea to have your computer check it for errors. Place the SD card in a card reader and in a command prompt on your computer type chkdsk x: /f (thanks argedion;))

    Another thing you can do is just reformat the card altogether.

    No 4G
    Losing you 4G Wimax keys is a problem that can happen. This is why it is SO important to make sure you have a working nandroid with your wimax saved. Back it on your computer or on the cloud to ensure you will always have access to it.

    Checking for your keys
    If you think you may have lost your Wimax keys there are apps out there that will check to see if you still have them. Check out Wimax Keys Checker in the market

    If your keys are still present and 4G is still not working check to make sure your ROM has 4G working. Many of the sense 3.5 ROMS currently do not support 4G because they were ported from phones that werent on the Sprint network.

    Finally, check to make sure you installed kernels correctly by wiping dalvik cache & cache before flashing them

    Know which Method to use:
    Check your H-Boot.
    If you are 2.10 or below you need to follow the Rooting For Dummies Guide Unrooting Section

    If you are 2.15-2.16 you need to follow the Rooting For Dummies Gingerbread Edition Guide Unrooting Section

    I'm trying to get my stock recovery and ROM back but the Bootloader screen isnt recognizing the PC36IMG file:
    First off, are you sure you named the file correctly? It needs to be "PC36IMG.zip". Be careful that you dont have "PC36IMG.zip.zip" if windows hides your file extensions.

    Is it on the root of your SD card? This means not in any subfolders. On the topmost layer of the SD card. Bootloader won't find it if its in a folder within your SD card.

    If the two above conditions have been met, the bootloader screen should detect the PC36IMG file and load it. There is a problem with many people not getting an option to update. If that happens, you need to run the RUU.exe from your computer found here. Connect your phone to the computer via USB with debug mode on and run the executable.

    If this guide didnt help solve your problems....... Make a thread!
    We are always happy to help!

    When making a thread:
    Stay calm! The calmer you are the easier it is for us to understand you
    Use a descriptive title...... Ambiguous titles like "need help" make it really hard for other people with that problem to find the solution and for someone to find that thread to reference it at a later time.
    State your H-Boot
    State whether you have S-ON or OFF
    State what recovery you are using
    State what ROM you are using
    Finally........State your problem :D

    Personally, I'd also rather have people start a new thread with an issue than tack theirs onto someone elses thread. I'm much more likely to see and read a new problem in a new thread than in a thread where we've already solved the OP's problem.


  2. Rxpert83

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    I'll add more later, for now its dinner time and a break. Been writing that for a while :D
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  3. argedion

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    Nice write up Xpert :D
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  4. ocnbrze

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    thanx for giving this to the forum on Thanksgiving. great day to do it.

    gonna add a link to this in the dummies guide if you do not mind.
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  5. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    Don't mind a bit!

    I plan on updating this regularly with things I forgot to add from new threads I see on the forum.

    ....And maybe actually giving explanations rather than just do this this this ;), got tired of typing
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    AARONONE Well-Known Member

    That would be awesome for us noobs. Thanks for the guide.
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  7. ggrimaldi

    ggrimaldi Well-Known Member

    Nice one, Rxpert.

    Sometimes I just have to go from one thread to another just to look for solution (or to make sure that what I've done is correct). Now you make it easier.. :D
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  8. Rxpert83

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    I appreciate it guys, just trying to help out people that were in my position a few months ago
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  9. andygu3

    andygu3 Well-Known Member

    I would also consider using Calkulin's Format All zip Calkulin's_FORMAT_ALL.zip

    In my initial wiping problems, I had and still use Calkulin's Format all
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  10. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    Thanks Andy, I'll throw that in there.
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  11. dustwun77

    dustwun77 Endeavor to Persevere :) Guide

    Just for my info, this vs superwipe, which do you use when?
  12. andygu3

    andygu3 Well-Known Member

    First, I only use vr and calkulin's when flashing a new rom. So, when I flash a new rom

    1. Flash Calkulin's
    2. Flash VR Superwipe
    3. Wipe Data/Factory reset
    4. Wipe cache
    5. Wipe Dalvik cache

    Flash rom

    Reboot phone
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  13. dustwun77

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    Cool! thanks for the info, I'll try it soon! :p
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  14. andygu3

    andygu3 Well-Known Member

    No worries, I haven't run into any issues going this wipe route;)
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  15. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    I dont use caulkins, as wiping everything except SD card multiple times should do the exact same thing, but it never hurts to be thorough.
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  16. argedion

    argedion The TechnoFrog Moderator

    Probably wouldn't hurt to try and tell people not to be panicky and Frustrated when explaining their issues. We have a very good success rate in here when people calm down and relax and do what we suggest.
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  17. Rxpert83

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    Thanks for the input, added it to the making a thread section
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  18. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    just a thought, but vr superwipe uses caulkins format all and caulkin's temp all together and runs it twice. so there is no need to do caulkins when u use super wipe.

    but i guess it does not hurt either. i only use superwip. but if it is not broken then why fix it?
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  19. dustwun77

    dustwun77 Endeavor to Persevere :) Guide

    oh, so in other words, that method really really wipes the heck out of it, huh? :p
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  20. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    Correct. Thats why I simply suggesting wiping everything but SD card multiple times and throwing in a superwipe. If you still have problems then its not with your wiping procedure
  21. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    Added a few more things, anybody think of anything else? I think its in pretty good shape
  22. ocnbrze

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  23. andygu3

    andygu3 Well-Known Member

    Superwipe deletes other files as well as boot, data, cache and system so yea, haven't run into any issues but then again you give me grief:p about using both when others suggest to wipe everything 3x;):D


    Well, why not use my method. If your going to wipe everything 3x then flashing Calkulin's and superwipe will do the same;):)
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  24. frenchy714

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    Great write up!
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  25. youdoofus

    youdoofus Disabled

    with regards to wiping, ive found that backing up the stuff that you need via TiB and a combination of sms backup apk's and the like combined with a factory reset is really effective. Also, use charmin... if it can keep a cartoon bears butt clean, its gotta work for humans... jussayin
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