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  1. CyreneK

    CyreneK Well-Known Member

    When using earphones (of any kind) I hear a LOT of static, but only when on the internet. I had this issue since launch, but it mostly died down after the first update, but now it is back and worse. It doesn't happen if I'm listening to downloaded music. I can adjust the level of static when turning it in its port, and when there is nothing playing I can hear static when I wiggle it around. Here is the really odd thing...when I was doing this wiggling, there was nothing playing, I pulled the jack out just slightly and pushed it back in. As soon as I pushed it back in the voice dialer pops up. It did this each and every time. Does this sound like there is something wrong in the grounding? Why does this static only happen when streaming? It is worse when I have my tpu case off. There is absolutely nothing else wrong with my phone, so I don't want to be trading it in over this. I bought it at best buy, but would sprint still service it? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!
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  2. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    the port has 3 rings in it, and one of those rings is used for making calls.

    when you pull the jack out, its making contact with the ring used to initiate calls, etc so this is normal behavior you are experiencing.

    the static--do you mean white noise (which is NOT static) or do you mean crackling sounds? ive not experienced either and I use 2 different BT headsets, one wired headset (noise canceling), a BT stereo speaker and also in the car via A2DP.

    sounds like a service call is needed. you DO have insurance on the handset yes? take it in and exercise your insurance replacement option.
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  3. CyreneK

    CyreneK Well-Known Member

    I experience static. This got better with the first update and got worse again after yesterday's update. I have best buy insurance, bit they will just give me a refurbished, which I don't want because this phone is perfect in every other way.
  4. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    many times a refurbed handset is just as pristine as a new out of the box unit.

    Again the choice is yours. it sounds like a physical port issue because I do not experience any of those issues and do not think this is common.

    if you have used multiple headsets and you still hear the sound, it looks to point to the headset port.

    You are welcomed to try a factory reset, which may or may not work.

    Also, if this does not occur using a BT headset or speakers, it may very well be the port.
  5. 3vodroid

    3vodroid Well-Known Member

    The only time i get any static is when im in the car and i have music playing through iheart while i have the phone charging. When its not charging i dont get anything. Just my .02 Im pretty sure the static while plugged in comes from the cars electronic pulses in the ignition system.
  6. I hear the static/white noise when I use my Noisehush nx26 head phones. I've switched them out 2 times and still same issue.

    It's not as bad as when I had an HTC EVO 3d. On the 3D I could almost hear the processor speed up and down. Like if I would page screens or open an app it would change noise almost like a car reving it's engine.

    It's still a staticky noise on the LTE but not like when I had the 3D. I used headphones from a galaxy s3 and it was fine.
  7. CyreneK

    CyreneK Well-Known Member

    Thanks everyone. I might call sprint to find out of this is something they can and will repair (being that I bought it at best buy.) I'm not interested in risking a refurbished, though, as I went through about 4 of them with my 3D last year before I got one that worked, and some of those had scratches screens.
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  8. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    sprint more than likely wont have the equipment or expertise to replace the port or even know how to diagnose it. they may not even attempt to look at it since it was not purchased from them as well.

    you are well under your 1 yr with HTC and you may look into contacting them and letting them diagnose it.

    Still, I would rather have a factory refurb than to have a local guy (or gal) at a cell store attempt to repair my device. ;-)

    keep the class posted cyrenek...
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  9. 3vodroid

    3vodroid Well-Known Member

    Theres a pretty good teardown video in the teardown thread. If your feelin' lucky. bc no sites currently have that part in stock :(
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  10. Sonin66

    Sonin66 Member

    only static sound i get is from trying to play music off sd card while hooked up to my car radio. take it into best buy
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  11. cleanmop3

    cleanmop3 Well-Known Member

    I had this exact issue with my old galaxy s2. The jack had physical damage on the inside even though the phone was brand new.

    Take a peek in your jack.
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  12. CyreneK

    CyreneK Well-Known Member

    Here is the upshot. Factory reset my phone thinking it was a software issue cuz no static when listening to anything on my SD card. That didn't work. Took it into sprint and of course, it sounded perfect. He suggested it could be that my wifi is overloaded and he was right. Sounds perfect when streaming off 3G. Thanks everyone for your suggestions.
  13. dave675

    dave675 Active Member

    I've noticed on occasion when I'm listening to music and I adjust the volume one notch it takes it up or down several notches for no apparent reason, or uses the up volume for down, and vice versa. I am positive it's not my own doing. I also noticed if I move the phone it goes to the next song without warning on occasion despite not touching the screen. I'm not sure if this is some sophisticated feature or just a hardware problem.
  14. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    Are you using wired headphones?


    Stock music player app?

    Has this happened since day one?

    New phone? replacement? Refurbished phone?
  15. dave675

    dave675 Active Member

    use headphones, stock player, new phone, not rooted.
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  16. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    appreciate your feedback.

    merged your thread here as your issues sound similar to some discussions here.

    the headset jack on the device has 3 rings. if the port gets dirt or otherwise is loose, the jack can make the phone behave in unnatural ways, such as dialing a number, activating handsfree mode, changing songs whilst in music player, etc.

    this is not a new "feature" unfortunately.

    grab another pair of headphones that have a mic attached and test. then use a pair of wired phones with NO mic and test.

    see if there are any differences.

    note if this happens with the set with a mic and without.

    if no change, and the phone still acts the same way, the physical port on the phone may be damaged/loose.

    if it stops when trying a new pair of phones altogether, there's your answer

    the majority of these issues that you see dave675 occurs due to a malfunctioning headset port and/or the earphones.
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