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  1. SarahTheaker

    SarahTheaker New Member

    PLEASE HELP !!! I Was naming videos that I had taken on my Samsung S3 and then moved them across to a new folder that I had set up , which I names Best Videos..
    I went to play my best videos only to see half of them where black thumbnails with a symbol of a kind of lighting strike and circle, and a message saying.SORRY VIDEO CAN NOT BE PLAYED ....
    Help !!!! The details say they are all a certain size but the resolution of them all read 0x0...
    Did they all get corrupted when being moved in one go to a new folder ? Please tell me I can retrieve them !!!! Thanks

  2. esn

    esn Well-Known Member

    Are they saved to the cloud anywhere?
  3. SarahTheaker

    SarahTheaker New Member

    Am afraid not.! Not even sure how to do that. (I dont have much Internet download)..gutted as wonderful videos !
  4. Benjie

    Benjie Well-Known Member

    For giggles, try Video Ultimate.

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