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  1. aarisone

    aarisone New Member

    Never seen such problem before in forum.
    When copying file from external to internal memory all is fine until next device restart. After it turns on file is gone.
    the same with apps all new apps ar goone after turning off and on again, and all deleted apps are back again.
    Have tried reset and firmwhare upgrade (5 or 6 different firmwares)
    in resetting and installing proces all is right. I can see progress and and finish correctly, but after it turns on i can see that nothing is changed, i have my old apps and setting and all other stuff, even photos.
    All firmwares that i have tried was with two files. maybe i need this bootloader discovery file to update bootloader, but i can not find it in here.
    help please.!!!

    I have taken videos on youtube please see them if possible.






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