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  1. MrScorpio1977

    MrScorpio1977 New Member

    ah i found where you type.. Hi People found a lot of answers in the past with these forums but never posted - I have an issue i hope maybe one of you can help me with. I have the Samsung S3 and ooops i dropped it for possibly the 5th time on sunday, this time was more than just a cracked screen and now i can no longer see anything... the insurance claim form is on the way but my question is this...

    I dont want to lose the pictures that are there.. last 3 months worth - rest are fine as they seem to be on the memory card but there is about 3 months missing, i also have a pattern lock on my screen so just pluggin it in to kies does not seem to be efective. there are also some personal keepsafe pics in there toothat i wouldnt want to lose and some videos of the kids etc. Anyone gotany ideas or tips of what i can do if anything?

  2. GoldenDiamond

    GoldenDiamond Well-Known Member

    Samsung Kies
  3. sherlock5545

    sherlock5545 Well-Known Member

    Can't you plug it on the PC and access the Internal Memory? If pictures were saved on the internal, that is the way. If they were on the external, do the same. Or just get out the SD, put it on an adapter, and insert it on the PC.
  4. Wisheezy

    Wisheezy Well-Known Member

    Plug it into your PC and launch Samsung Kies desktop software and start the backup process. The screen shouldn't have affected the SD card or internal storage so it should be able to perform a full backup no problem.
  5. MrScorpio1977

    MrScorpio1977 New Member

    problem is there is a pattern lock on my phone so kies needs me to undo that but cant as screen is totally gone - any ideas on getting round this?

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