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Help Me Please

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  1. jamal1965

    jamal1965 New Member


    I have LGP 970. Yesterday I connected it to LG Mobile Support Tool. I was recommended to upgrade the S/W. During the process of upgrading something went wrong. My mobile is dead now I have this message on the screen: S/W Upgrade Please Wait.....
    This message has been for more than 28 hours. I removed the battery but I still have that message.
    Please help me do something to fix it.

  2. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

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  3. LGElectronics

    LGElectronics Member

    Wow! 28 hours without a phone cannot be fun. We see you have a Canadian LG Mobile device; if the previous suggestion from your friend there does not correct the problem please feel free to contact LG Electronics, CA. for assistance. You may visit our Canadian website for assistance and contact information.

    Here is the Canada website:

    LG Mobiles | Discover LG Mobile Devices | LG Canada.
  4. LGElectronics

    LGElectronics Member

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