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  1. aptsanju

    aptsanju Well-Known Member

    Does anyone succeeded on changing any items in framework like changing status bar color with .pngs' ?

    I tried with ninjamorph and it is resulted negative... Can anyone try it and change the status bar colour alone, the white status bar irritates me, i want to change it to black colour...

    Many suggested me to change the .png files in the framework folder, that was also resulting negative...

    Guys help me to change the theme or someone try changing it and if succeeded pls post me...

    Sanjeev. A

  2. -)!Sharang!(-

    -)!Sharang!(- Member

    dont know wat u talking about changing the framework and all...
    but if u wants to change ur mobile theme,
    then download
    GO Launcher Ex...
    u can find plenty of themes for it... :) :D
    its just too awesome!
  3. sunil90

    sunil90 Well-Known Member

    same here, i want to know too.. also how to change keypress backgroudn color from orange to something like red (droidx) or green (HTC devices)..
  4. rahules

    rahules Well-Known Member

    @aptsanju have you tried UOT Kitchen??

    or may be try the Super Status Bar app

    I have not personlly tried both of this, so good luck to you :)
  5. sunil90

    sunil90 Well-Known Member

    Ok if we copy the framework-res.apk file to pc , open it as an archive in 7z .. there are many .png files that can be replaced with alternatives and recompiled ..

    Although its kinda risky as there are reports of people not getting past their bootscreen after they did it..

    If adb were working PROPERLY, id give it a go..
  6. aptsanju

    aptsanju Well-Known Member


    Thanks Guys, I used super status bar and it helped to make the status bar black...

    And one thing Mr.Sunil the adb works fine for me, if you could guide me i think, i can make the stock images to black...
  7. sunil90

    sunil90 Well-Known Member

    Zeam launcher has an option to change highlight press colour..

    Check this out..
    Easy Method To Change Framework-res.apk | xda-developers

    Although be careful, if you put in an unsigned framework-res.apk, ur phone will not boot..

    Can you explain how u got adb working ? If you are using 91 pc suite, im not sure it will work properly
  8. sunil90

    sunil90 Well-Known Member

  9. akshaybz

    akshaybz Well-Known Member

    Ash1425 had created some stuff using UOT Kitchen...

    He might be able to help you ;)
  10. insane_subro

    insane_subro Well-Known Member

    iN uot kITHEN IF U MAKE A BLACK STATUSBAR DATE WONT BE SEEN !! sorry for the cases:p

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