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Help Restore Default Dock Icons

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  1. mthreer

    mthreer New Member

    So I somehow managed to drop my default Browser icon from Go Launcher EX dock into the Trash.

    There are other default icons, like Dial, Contacts, Message and they are actually different in the way that when you click them and if you have multiple messaging apps or in my case browsers it would ask you which one to open.

    I've been googling for hours now, trying to find how to restore the default icons without having to restore the whole launcher including all my widgets, folders etc.

    I figured out the names of the icons by dragging them out from the dock to desk drawer. Their exact names are Dial, Contacts and Message. I never saw what the name of the default icon for Browser was.

    To clarify: I'm not looking for how to change the look of the icons, I'm looking for restoring the shortcuts/actions or whatever these icons are called. They were there by default when I installed GO Launcher EX.

  2. meai99

    meai99 New Member

    Drag the browser that you want to use to the dock area
    Prress until a pop up appears
    Select replace--> Theme's Icon
    From the drop down, select default theme & pick the browser icon.
    Hope that's what you were looking for.:)
  3. mthreer

    mthreer New Member

    Not at all.

  4. mistertogg

    mistertogg New Member

    So I just went through the exact same frustration as you trying to figure out how to get those nice transparent icons into the dock. After much fiddling I finally figured out where those icons were hiding.

    As it turns out meai99 has it right, but I missed the detail when first reading the post.

    To get your browser icon back on the dock:
    1) Take the browser icon from your app drawer and place it in the dock. It will be the crappy non-transparent old icon.
    2) Hold down finger on icon to get the "replace" option.
    3) KEY POINT: at the very top left of the icon selection menu, some theme will be selected already (in my case it is "UI 3.0 Theme"). You need to click this giving a drop down, and select "Default Theme".
    4) Voila, you now have the all the nice transparent themes to choose from.

    Really hope this helps, I missed the small detail and screwed around forever trying to find these.

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