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  1. SigmaInigma

    SigmaInigma New Member

    Before you ask I did search and found no useful threads. I have a friend with an LG Lucid and they do not like the new ICS update. I need help returning her phone back to Gingerbread. I saw a thread with the link to the stock firmware:

    h t t p s : / / d l . d r o p b o x . c o mm / u / 8 2 7 1 0 9 5 3 / v s 8 4 0 z v 6 _ 0 6 . s 6 _ 0 6 . p 5 8 0 1 4 . r 5 . c a b

    but the drop box link is now broken.

    Can someone give me a guide on how to return to gingerbread and a link to the stock gingerbread firmware? I really need help guys. Please don't tell me how 1001 other threads have already been made because I have been looking for about 20 minutes and cant find the download for the stock gingerbread software.

    One other question. I was told that some ROMS for the LG Conect 4G will work on the LG Lucid. Will this custom ROM work on the Lucid or was I told wrong?
    h t t p : / / a n d r o i d f o r u m s . c o m / c o n n e c t - 4 g - a l l - t h i n g s - r o o t / 5 5 0 2 4 4 - r o m - 5 - 1 7 - 1 2 - b r o k e n - o u t - c o n n e c t - 1 - 0 - w - b l i t z k r i e g - k e r n e l . h t m l

    Thanks for the help. Your speed is appreciated.

  2. z0mb13m4n

    z0mb13m4n Well-Known Member

    AFAIK the Lucid's bootloader was locked down and until an exploit is found, there's not a lot you can do. I could be wrong and maybe one of the experts can tell you with a certainty.
  3. SigmaInigma

    SigmaInigma New Member

    I found a tool that will flash the software I think. My problem is that I can not find anyone who has the gingerbread ROM.
  4. noseph

    noseph Well-Known Member Contributor

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