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  1. IGryll

    IGryll Member

    Well... the phone keeps turning off and on, on the Galaxy S gt I9000 screen. And no it does not go into the S screen. I can manage to go into recovery mode and download mode, however the screen keeps on refreshing back to the galaxy s screen before i can do anything. Please help guys I'm really new to this :(

  2. Pebcak

    Pebcak Member

    What did you change recently? You could always flash the stock ROM back onto the phone.
  3. IGryll

    IGryll Member

    I factory resetted, and the phone started rebooting by it self when i was with friends. I turned it off, however it rebooted again and i kept doing this, and led to the galaxy s screen... I really don't know how to flash or anything on the device :O
  4. IGryll

    IGryll Member

    Oh and also the phone got kind of wet because of my bag, it went into the back cover but didnt do 'much' damage I hope... It turned on normally and there wasn't a problem, but as i said before, the phone started repeating at the point where the phone kept rebooting and i tried to turn it off. And by the way what colour does the water damage sticker turn to? it's blue at the moment. The phone is still repeating the screen and I can't do much :(
  5. IGryll

    IGryll Member

  6. IGryll

    IGryll Member

    It doesn't connect to the computer well neither so i can't really charge it. PLEASE HELP...
  7. xsenman

    xsenman Well-Known Member

    could be due to moisture...remove battery, ext SD card and back cover, wrap it tissue paper and place inside uncooked rice for 2 days ..to remove the moisture from your phone
  8. vladyandrew

    vladyandrew Member

    Enter in download mode and install a fresh official rom via Odin.

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