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  1. Stocklone

    Stocklone Active Member

    Since August this phone has killed 3 microSD cards. Anybody else having unusually high death rates? I've been using SanDisk Ultra 32GB.

  2. jasonacg

    jasonacg Well-Known Member

    Haven't seen one die yet, but I do notice that some of my pictures are corrupt. Could be sign of bad things to come?
  3. Stocklone

    Stocklone Active Member

    She said her microSD card wouldn't recognize. She would restart and it work. Eventually restarting wouldn't fix it. You should have all your pictures automatically backing up to Google+ at the very least anyways.
  4. Philantropy

    Philantropy New Member

    Mine just yesterday killed my 32GB microSD, too. I had it backed up, though haha. Although it does scare me that it kills SD cards like that, I think my situation was of a ROM I had recently installed. My phone now says "Blank SD" So I guess it had wiped it.
  5. Stocklone

    Stocklone Active Member

    Everything has been great after switching to a 32GB class 4. Not a single incident.

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