High quality earbuds with mic?

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  1. lureynol

    lureynol New Member

    Hello all,

    I recently joined the smartphone revolution and picked up a HTC EVO design 4G on Sprint. In addition to being a great communications device, it has quickly replaced my old ipod touch as my music and audible device. I'm a huge fan of high-quality earbuds, but it seems everything these days is made for iphones. Here's my question - do these things work on Android phones?

    I don't really care about the ancillary buttons (next track, previous track, volume). All I really want to know is if my phone will recognize/use the mic, and can I use the central button to answer and hang up calls.

    As I said, HTC EVO Design 4G, and I'm thinking of something like the Logitech Ultimate Ears 600i or the Sony XBAs. Or should I just go with the Klipsch S4A or some Shures with the non-iphone mic cable?

    Many thanks!

  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    I got a Philips-O'neill earphones set with mic and volume control, for about $40 approx (conversion). The sound's great and clear, with nice bass. Its called "the Specked". Check it out:

  3. jamisont

    jamisont Well-Known Member

    im not sure what kind of DAC HTC EVO design uses.
    but gsmarena ran audio test for EVO 3d and result is a bit disappointing.

    HTC EVO 3D review: An extra dimension - GSMArena.com

    noise level: -84 (-71.6)
    dynamic range: 83.5 (71.4)
    THD: 0.023 (0.109)
    IMD+noise: 0.051 (0.391)
    stereo crosswalk: -73.1 (-60.6)

    if prices doesnt concern to you, i'd suggest portable dac/amp like filo E7 with klipsch image S4A headset.
    klipsch image s4 has been top earbud around 100$ past couple of years..
    and android version works for volume, forward/previous track etc

    Amazon.com: FiiO E7 USB DAC and Portable Headphone Amplifier (Black): Electronics

  4. FlashiChic

    FlashiChic New Member

    I bought the skullcandy 50/50 earphones with the mic. Music sounds good. But people cant hear me talking. But i can hear them.
  5. Adauth

    Adauth Well-Known Member

    Rocketfish BT headphones from best buy. $50 and they can do everything pretty well. Not top of the line by any means, but just work very well.
  6. steelpastor

    steelpastor Active Member


    I am also considering the Klipsch S4A earbuds... however no one seems to stock them near me. Does anyone have a firsthand review? I have a MAXX.

    Thank you.
  7. Swedishmafia

    Swedishmafia Member

    I use the Motorola s305 rckr's and they work really well all the buttons work (play/pause, ff, rwnd, and and ans/hang up call). People don't even know I'm on a bt when they call. Plus I can walk almost all around my house and leave my phone in the middle of my house. I know they're not earbuds, but I thought I'd put in my 2 cents.

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