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  1. Moment

    Moment Well-Known Member

    Hey. Anybody notice significant lag on the android keyboard while it is horizontal? Vertical works pretty well and smooth. I turned off auto correct, suggestions and word prediction. Still runs laggy. Is it just me? Mostly happens during texts.

  2. decalex

    decalex Well-Known Member

    absolutely - I use 'Better Keyboard' and it's pretty much unusable in landscape mode. Glad I didn't get the Hero =)
  3. lunchbox11790

    lunchbox11790 Active Member

    My actual physical keyboard laggs by like a second. The onscreen keyboards are fine though.
  4. decalex

    decalex Well-Known Member

    in landscape mode, the soft keyboard doesn't lag for you? which keyboard are you using?
  5. redman2563

    redman2563 Well-Known Member

    ive noticed lag, on both keyboards. Try using handcent, it helps a bit with the lag, also may i suggest you turn off, vibration, sound, and that option that corrects your word to the suggestion when you press spacebar. that pretty much helped me out alot.
  6. Moment

    Moment Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I'll check out handcent.
  7. carjul

    carjul New Member

    Hi, i just got my first smartphone. ok, so i'm not an early adapter. I barely know how to use the darn thing let alone follow all the terminology here. So please be real simple with me. I find the lag in getting from the vertical to the horizontal keyboard really takes a long time. Is there something i can hit to help that baby move a little quicker. I've had it a week so i have added only a few apps so far. I have the HTC. the only keyboard types i have are 'standard, phone or compact'. On a slightly different topic, i am trying to go through the tutorial on texting which is not working well. I get to the 'accented characters' and it's hung up and refuses to accept the answer even though i'm doing what it is telling me to do. There is no 'next' or skip, so i can't get past that spot. I appreciate you smart people responding. TY. Carol

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