How Many of you moved to the Maxx from the RAZR Maxx hd?General

  1. Nocaldawg

    Nocaldawg Member

    Pleased with the move? Worth it? Is it that much of an upgrade?

  2. yamamonster600

    yamamonster600 Well-Known Member

    Definitely a nice upgrade. More rounded edges make it easier to hold. Even better battery. I like the larger screen and liking the old style home buttons. I wasn't sure at first but have come to like the screen without them. Better camera. And less motoblur. Active notifications and touchless controls are great too. I would do it again without a doubt.
  3. tbhausen

    tbhausen Well-Known Member

    Had the Maxx HD, then a Note II for awhile. Agree with the above--Maxx is the best of the bunch and a nice upgrade over the HD.
  4. tbhausen

    tbhausen Well-Known Member

    I forgot one thing in the post above that, to me, is the biggest differentiator between the Maxx and the Maxx HD/Note II--wireless charging. Once you have it, there's no going back. It's incredibly awesome to have a charging pad at both home and work (I use the Droid-branded Ghost 100's from Verizon--they work perfectly). I always know where I left my phone ;) and I never leave home or work without a full charge. Never need to carry a charger unless leaving town for more than a day. Never need a car cord. Battery life is a non-issue. It's incredibly liberating!

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