How much do you think a Samsung i997 4G Infuse running ice cream sandwich would sell for?General

would you pay more for an infuse running android 4.0 (ice cream sandwich) than other stock infuses?

  1. Yes but nothing more than $50

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  2. yes but nothing more than $20

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  3. No

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  1. humpdizzle

    humpdizzle New Member

    ice cream sandwich is 4.0 or the newest android firmware usually coming stock on the new high-end phones. So do you think someone would pay more for a phone like this? i haven't found any infuse 4g selling with the new firmware so would it be a good thing?

  2. yohannie

    yohannie Well-Known Member

    If it's used, I think $20 at most. The Galaxy SII is now selling for $99 and it is supposed to be getting ICS so I don't think I would pay too much for it. Plus, to be honest, flashing Zeus and the ICS theme makes it virtually run just like it has ICS, so I don't see a really big selling point.
  3. alpine64

    alpine64 New Member

    I wouldn't pay anything extra so probably about 250 in excellent condition which is what I grabbed mine for in Ebay lady week
  4. TauPau

    TauPau New Member

    I would pay $20.00 for it anytime! In fact I would pay up to $150.00 all day long. I just recently purchased mine from craigslist for $160.00 in excellent condition with a body glove case. Currently, in the Seattle area the Infuse is running about $180.00 average and for $200.00 you can get a good clean Infuse easy. The lowest I have seen for a working Infuse was for $130.00 in okay condition. eBay average is about $250.00 for good used and $350.00 for new. Dealextreme also has them for about $420.00 new. For me, having ICS on is not a feature I would be willing to pay extra for.

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