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How to change audio output to monoSupport

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  1. Musichead4444

    Musichead4444 Active Member

    How do I change the audio output to mono. Cause I am deaf in 1 ear. Is there like a setting or a free app to do it?

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  2. TheRealSpinner

    TheRealSpinner New Member

    I'm also deaf in one ear... I found the setting on the Note 2, it's probably the same for you.

    Go to: Settings
    Scroll down to: System
    Tap on: Accessibility
    Scoll down to: Hearing

    You can set it to mono there. :D
  3. elsnod

    elsnod Member

    No mono setting for SGP5 w/ 2.3.5 :(
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  4. Ironashwin

    Ironashwin New Member

    Hi I'm from India, the land of the beauties.

    You can access mono output on Poweramp
  5. Frank9073

    Frank9073 New Member

    Not exactly what you are asking for, but you can purchase a mono earphone that sends both audio channels to one earbud. Search eBay for " mono (earbud,earphone) "

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