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  1. Musichead4444

    Musichead4444 Active Member

    How do I change the audio output to mono. Cause I am deaf in 1 ear. Is there like a setting or a free app to do it?

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  2. TheRealSpinner

    TheRealSpinner New Member

    I'm also deaf in one ear... I found the setting on the Note 2, it's probably the same for you.

    Go to: Settings
    Scroll down to: System
    Tap on: Accessibility
    Scoll down to: Hearing

    You can set it to mono there. :D
  3. elsnod

    elsnod Member

    No mono setting for SGP5 w/ 2.3.5 :(
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  4. Ironashwin

    Ironashwin New Member

    Hi I'm from India, the land of the beauties.

    You can access mono output on Poweramp

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